Card Wars Adventure Time app

Anyone been playing this? it’s pretty friggin awesome imo

true, but i still love em all :stuck_out_tongue: I have a S4 so i had to borrow an ipad to play. It’s literally the best game ive bought. i just got archer dan :blush:

Its on android phones now :blush:

Four bucks feels steep.
How much game is there? I’m not going to beat it in a few days am I? What all is there to it? Regular updates?

Edit: after reading the reviews, I think I’ll pass on it. If I’m paying four bucks for an app, I’m not going to put up with only partial access to the game. That’s lame.

You can pay to get gems, but you can earn those by beating challenges anyway. I was very impressed with the amount of gameplay as well. I still havn’t beaten it and i have been playing since it came out! Not to mention that as a card collector i thouroughly enjoy collecting the extensive amount of monster, spell and building cards the game has to offer.

My opinion may be a litle biased, because as soon as i saw the episode that featured card wars i wanted to play so bad. This game totally satisfied that yearning! I just got a card named “Sandwitch” lol. its a desert type witch that holds 2 sandwiches. love it!

I’ve seen how ridiculously expensive they are on eBay! Haha. I was looking into the physical set as well. Just so much money. 0.0

I’m thoroughly surprised they haven’t made a bigger card game of it. I can’t imagine it not floating for at least a short while.

They feature a ridiculous amount of characters! and the cards… man oh man. so many!

Adventure Time collectors.

how fun is it?

Personally i like the app more than the physical game just because of how the creatures appear on the screen :blush: just like the show!

its all about dem algebraic chests!

I have adventure time monopoly. lol

you guys tempting me to get this