Old School Runescape

Anyone actively playing OSRS these days?

Saw talk of Runescape in another thread wasn’t sure if people were talking of OSRS (the one true Runescape) or that newer abomination. I logged into my old character and it was unrecognizable to me but I was happy to see OSRS was a thing. I hopped on back at mobile release and have been loving it. In the time since October I have gotten my character higher than I ever did back in the day with some years of playtime. Around combat level 100 and base level 50. Paying for membership with bonds through farming, miscellania and varrock hard diaries. Got my first fire cape ever and have a long term goal to get my quest cape sometime in 2019.

Dsieds is my username


I think @nysyr and a few others on discord play this?

I don’t play anymore but I somehow end up watching videos about the updates, flipping, progress logs, pking; whatever really.

I play RS3. My Screenname is Breaking Joe. Working on 120 Farm and 120 Slay.

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@breakingpokemon,I also play RS3 if you want to add! In game is “Nargle”. The competitionist in my blood really wants to finish rs3 before diving into old school. Goal for old school is to just finish 99 slayer and range lol. Been having fun with it and have been playing more this year than ever, but mostly afk. Hope to be 99/120 in all skills by years end. Already dabbling in OS if anyone adds there too - “n4t3dog” is the old school name

Dont really play, more afk while online… Rs3 -Pancakestak

I think @muddy plays 07?

I play OSRS :3

I used to play this game way too much, I had about ~4.1 billion total x p and trimmed completionist cape on the “main game” (which everyone seems to hate nowadays) before I quit playing it multiple years ago, lol.

I still log onto OSRS every now and then, but I haven’t actively played it for like 2 years


I still actively play osrs but mainly just on my phone during times I should be working haha.


@nportell added and @emba dang thought I was legit with 700m :laughing:

Seeing this thread really makes me want to get back into it. Super nostalgic times fighting lesser dragons in karamja on the local library’s computer. Then I’d lose connection and came back to having lost all my stuff. Lobster and swordie runs back when I couldn’t afford being a member… lol


@newcollector the new death mechanics make it so that isn’t really a thing anymore. I died a while ago for my first time in the catacombs of Kourend (which were also new to me) and to my surprise about 5 minutes later when I made it back to the spot all my stuff was still there. I think you get 60 minutes of time to get your items back for most non wilderness deaths.


Yeah 1 hour outside instances, this was due to ddos attacks

I’ve put thousands of hours into OSRS haha - ‘quit’ at the start of the year though, but I’m sure I’ll be back eventually…

Whats everyones opinion on botters? Not goldfarmers, just people using a bot on their mains.

My opinion is people should play by the rules. I don’t honestly care that much though as it doesn’t affect what I do except in certain instances it may make things I buy cheaper. If they overnight could ban all bots, which is obviously impossible, I can’t imagine what effect it’d have on the game economy. It’s just a built in thing at this point.

Don’t like the grind well then OSRS isn’t really the game for you. You can always buy bonds for cash thereby supporting the game and use the most efficient leveling techniques if you are really lazy.

Nobody ever completely “quits” Runescape lol


Hcim btw

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I haven’t played in years, but I do remember having a few stats level 99, although I’m not sure about my total level anymore. Last time I logged in I was whacking people with a rubber chicken I received from an event ages ago. :wink: If I remember correctly I had about 17M or 18M cash and was saving for one of those Santa hats (which were selling for 20-23M at the time). No doubt those are 500M+ these days, haha… :laughing:


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Man I remember when I was about to “quit” RS for the summer. Back when the real RS was today’s old school. mid 2000’s for sure. I knew id probably quit and come back next summer so I was looking at buying a purple party hat for a whopping 18m to hold on to and sell when I came back. Decided to play another few days and used the money on some slayer gear/99 materials. I think the blue party hat was about 30m at the time. If only I could go back and buy one lol.

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