CJ's Collection


Wow, your collection is pretty amazing! I really like that you have multiples of so many cards (Masaki’s, Crystals, Shinings etc). Your collection, although already great, shows a lot of promise. Keep it up!

Hey thanks, much appreciated. I have a lot of other cool stuff too I’ll be showing, for example Fan Club Eevee, Porygon, and Magikarp…Sealed Masaki Set, 1st Ed Base stuff among other things. I’ll have to post pictures of them when I get around to it, probably in the next day or so. I just have so many pictures of stuff to sift through.

A very nice collection indeed! I like all the Vs cards you have — that’s a series that came out just around the time I was winding down my involvement in Pokemon. I don’t know a whole lot about those cards, and it doesn’t seem like too many people post pictures of them. It’s great to see some here!

So… Many… Masaki *~*

I’m genuinely jealous, amazing collection you have there!

As promised, I added some cool new pictures. Included are

  • Fan Club Eevee, Porygon, and Shining Magikarp
  • German 1st Shining Magikarp/Gyarados
  • Cool German cards from Neo Sets
  • Some miscut cards from Neo Genesis in German
  • Shining Mew

I still have to take some pictures of the following but I’ll get around to it tonight most likely.

  • Base Set 1st Ed Holo set in French and German
  • Jungle 1st Ed Holo set in Dutch
  • Sealed Masaki stuff

Hey you have an awesome collection! Keep it up and keep posting :blush:

Love the Masakis and now the fan club set! Not easy cards to get ahold of lately it seems

Some Green vs Blue Starter Video sets. About 2 years or so back a game store I used to go to was selling these sealed for $5 each and I bought all 7 of them. I still have 4 Sealed ones. I also bought 10 combined boxes of Base, Fossil, and Jungle boxes for $25 each and still have a few of them sealed too.

SPOILER: Click to show

That’s awesome! I still haven’t got around to buying one of those. I’m sure it’s a nice set!

So many Masaki Cards *Drools on keyboard.
Any chance buy/trade an Omastar?

PM me

Done :grin:

Holy sick collection batman! Love it! Really love your shining collection and your super rare mail in machamps, alakazams, gengars, etc. And 4 video VHS Japanese Intro sets! That’s nuts. If you want to sell a shining gyrados, shining magicarp, or video intro set let me know :grin:

Hey thanks. Also yea man I can sell that stuff, just PM me or something.

your collection is very awesome!

Rain Dance Complete, all cards foreign/1st ED/ Reverse Holo etc. Will update with more soon.