Christmas Joys!

Well, I treated myself to a victory orb (without mew) :blush: , a complete japanese neo set, a near complete japanese base set and I am getting a complete masaki set from the parents and a 3rd place victory cup from the girlfriend to finish up my victory cup set :blush:

I would say thats a decent haul!

I bought myself a [1997 Toyota Campaign Folder (Pikachu & Arcanine)] for Christmas :heart:

I am hoping to obtain a few other promotional and/or trophy cards into the new year - if destiny yields :wink:

Well purchased the mysterious pearl and the victory ring. I also will being purchasing a miracle diamond :blush:

Oh earlier this month :blush: I’m hoping to finish up the jp base set Friday. Haha yeah I’m lucky…and she understands my obsession :stuck_out_tongue:

The entire set. I was digging around some old binders and found near completes of the japanese base, fossil and neo Genesis…so I have about 40 between the three sets left to buy. I’m hoping I have enough left out of my next check to finish them off before Xmas :blush:

Well I put on my list to get a few cards sent to PSA, umm…
Some Noble Victories blisters
money for the upcoming dragon set…

Buying from a few people here some VS commons so xD


Of you have any duplicates of the sets I need feel free to pm me! :blush:

Ooh what cards do you wish to get graded pokemontrader?

I need to get some cards graded if someone is gonna send their batch!

I may but not till after the holidays…I don’t trust the mail system this time of year:p

Be sure to let me know so I can send you some of my cards.

I’m not sure when though. If you find someone else don’t wait :blush:

I’m in no rush, just only trust a few people to do this :wink:

What cards?

Karen’s Umbreon
Misty’s Corsola
I have a few…
Ill bring my collection downstairs in a bit…

If someone is sending in a batch, I might send mine your way instead!
If we get over 100 cards sent (Though difficult) we get a huge discount if I remember correctly

I’ve been buying more sealed decks and promos for my collection for myself for Christmas. Hopefully I’ll update when they arrive.

@mkpokecc I may some cards from those older series, however I’d have to dig around and I’m pretty sure half are used since I bought them second hand. If you send me a list I can check for you.

yeah sure! I’ll send you a list. Used is fine as i’m just looking to round off my sets…as long as it has not been chewed on by a dog or held together by tape :blush: