So I had a message recently from an ebay memeber. I figured I would post on here to let everyone know how much of a turd sandwhich this guy is.

He asked me for advice/help on a victory mew. I then helped him by saying that his price is way too high and that is pushing buyers away from his auction. He then told me why he has it listed so high, which would negate the whole point of the entire conversation.

Anyway, it ended basically him ranting like crazypokemon about how he thinks I am full of myself, since I responded to the question he asked…

Oh the good news, if anyone wants to buy a victory mew for $2,000 he has one for sale. It is the exact same as any other victorymew but it is 3 times the price. It will be difficult to find this same card for this same price!

You should check out his store, he has a wide selection of 3 whole items that have been listed for years. He has a 1st edition booster pack which can typically be purchased for $200ish but it is, again, 3 times as much!

Check out his auctions while they last, or wait a year they have already been up for a year! Get the same cards but for the 3 times the price, a once in a lifetime deal!

@smpratte – Ugh… it’s that guy :unamused:;

The one offer he had on his auction one year ago? That was mine. I asked if he had a minimum price in mind for his card. I loved his response:

“As for a minimum price, it would depend on a couple of things really, but I was looking, realistically, at a price of at least a very minimum of £600.”

Minimum. MINIMUM!

Yeah, his auctions almost never sell. I believe he did sell his Umbreon ☆ [026/PLAY], though – I haven’t seen it for a while.

Speaking of Victory Orb (Mew)…

I discovered this familiar trophy on eBay. It originally belonged to your favourite seller, lead_clow (/sarcasm). It was purchased by Brian, who then sold it to Julian. The current price is pretty ridiculous, even worse than chopin_1810_1849. (Sigh) What a world…

hahaha Tara that is great! A minimum of about $1,000 that seems fair since it is worth almost half that. It is funny/sad when you see people’s character come through in what they expect for a card. When the person is a buyer they want the card dirt cheap, but when they have it they expect top dollar.

The $3,000 one made me laugh at loud. That is just unreal.

Oh and Chopin is actually a member on here with 0 posts. Maybe he can share a few selling tips.

What would be a good price for that mew orb version?

Because it seems that case is rarer than the groundon & Kyogre case but how much of a difference does it make to the price?

Typically I would say $700 with a case would be a higher average. I can pick up one right now for $500-600 from a private seller. What is happening on ebay with people like chopin and footballjulian is that the card is re-re-re-listed. So they are trying to make a profit on something that is already maxed out.

Omg he did that to me too!!

A year ago I made a really generous offer on his 1st base pack. He had a ridiculous counteroffer so I sent him a well meaning message about why his valuation was insanely high and I told him the current selling price for the item based on completed listings. He came back with a snappy and highly critical message. He insulted and asked for facts, I pointed him to completed listings. Never plan on dealing with that guy.

Sellers like that make me vomit. >_<

For the record, I got my Victory Orb Mew out of the case for $400. You can get it on Y!A for about $300 also.

$200 for a 1st Ed Pack?!
I’m in -note the sarcasm-
Thanks Scott!

Haha Pokemontrader he actually has it up at $700! Which is realistic for a Victory Mew!

Skinst, that is definitely true about the price. I showed him the two auctions that ended at $400 on ebay which he completely disregarded.

And Jason, unfortunately you are not alone in your experience. I am actually surprised that multiple people have had the same experience with him. It is unfortunate :confused:

“searches sour grapes praying there wasn’t a hate cbd thread before I signed up here” Phew!!

Lol but yeah his loss in the end anyways. I don’t have a problem with that :wink:

LOL, one of those auctions was the one I won, and the one from Japan I bet. ^^

hahaha Jason I don’t think you will ever have to worry about a thread being about you. If you wanted to you could take a card and multiple its worth by 3, that seems to do the trick. :grin:

@m786ali I sold my mew trophy for $750 in case