Exceptionally annoying buyer

So, I just felt like ranting about an exceptionally annoying buyer I blocked today…he really managed to piss me off.

First time we had contact was a few months ago, I messaged him because he posted an add that he was looking to buy Pokémon cards. He was looking to buy at very low prices and got on my nerves, but I ended up selling him a small lot of English and German cards I was trying to get rid of (I only collect Japanese cards).

Then, some time later he unknowingly bought two Japanese holos off me on a local auction site (which has a much larger market share than Ebay in Switzerland where I live) at a price quite a lot higher than he had previously claimed such cards were worth, which kind of tickled my sense of humor. We exchanged some more messages, so far so good.

12 days ago I listed some more stuff for sale, including a very beat up Shining Mew for 60 Swiss francs (about 65 dollars). He texted me the next day and asked me if I would sell privately for less, and I told him I might if it didn’t sell for 60. He also asked me if I had other cards for sale and if I could make him a combined offer with the Mew, and I said I had various Japanese holos for between 5 and 20 francs, sending him a picture of the whole lot. He immediatly asked which ones I was offering for 5 a piece, so I sent him a pic the next morning of the ten I was offering for that price (Fossil Haunter, Snorlax, Ninetales, Hitmonchan, Pinsir, Pidgeot, Dark Arbok, Dark Magneton and two Dark Alakazam - naturally, they are quite heavily played), and he says he would take them if I make him a better offer.

Two days later, he texts me “?”, I tell him I was still offering them for 50, he offers me 40 as his last offer, I decline, he asks to see the backside, I show him, he remarks they are a bit too played for that price.

Next day, he texts “When will you make me an offer for the Mew and the other cards?”. I tell him the Mew is still listed on the auction site until the 9th of August and that I would message him then. He offers me 90 for Mew plus the ten cards and I say we shall see.

Day before yesterday, on the 9th, he texts me while I am having supper (I guess that technically wasn’t his fault) to tell me my Mew did not sell, then asks if I would accept his offer of 80 (!). I write back that I would text him the next day.

Yesterday I write him a long message saying I knew he was only offering 80 or 90 but I would sell for no less than 100. I also suggested in a friendly manner that if he wanted only the best deals, he needed to look for people who wanted to sell and be done with it, and that as a collector myself I had plenty of leisure to relist things if they don’t immediately sell for what I want.
He responded with an offer for 90, and I ignored him.

Today, he texts me again “?”. By now I am quite pissed off, but I suggest he could have the cards for 100 and I would add a few nice commons/uncommons. He suggest I add a nice holo instead, I agree, get a Dark Dugtrio that’s played but not quite as played as the other 10 and send him a pic of the now 12 cards (including Mew). He also finally agrees but asks me if the Dark Dugtrio is holo (it did also come as a non-holo in English). So I send him a close-up of the Dark Dugtrio. He immediately complains that the card is beat up and asks if I can maybe add another card instead - how about the Pichu (!) I had sent him a pic of some days previously? By now I am totally fed up since he must know that that card is worth far more and I just ignore him.
5 minutes later he texts me to ask why I don’t give him an answer. That’s when I told him to forget about it, I would just relist the cards online, and blocked him.

The moral of the story: If someone pisses you off, block him sooner or later. The chance of maybe selling something just isn’t worth the trouble


What is their username?


Don’t know if he is active on Ebay.

Just be more stern, clear and concise in your communication in the future. State your bottom dollar if you’re willing to come down, and don’t respond to any messages other than one accepting your offer. Don’t bother with these back and forths.


I hate these entitled type of buyers lol… I don’t know why people feel like they deserve a discount when “buying more” especially when the total is still less than $100 lol. Like bro just buy the cards if you like it if not look elsewhere

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Super relevant in the creative industry

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As a business owner, I can relate to this. So true!

Yeah waste of time buyers - they think they own you as you are selling.

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