Chinese Pokemon Cards

Thank you so much for this information now the search for two snorlax instead of one :joy::joy:

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Max Attack & Defense / Dynamax Tactics - Simplified Chinese Pokemon Opening

Got these from a fellow member and idk if theyve been shared on here yet. I absolutely love these promos


Thank you sharing this confirms snorlax from that decks available in Chinese

I believe these came in things called rapture packs and not decks like the japanese ones did

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That makes sense as they marked at the bottom with a promo number. Might have just saved me some time and money :joy:

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I believe Olivia doesn’t have a Full Art in Traditional Chinese but she did get one in Simplified Chinese.


In today’s news: Mainland China will be entering F regulation and exiting SM Era on June 18.


That Lucario pack art is awesome!

I have a silly question but why are the energy symbols different on the top right of each pack?

They are getting close to catching up!

Dual sets in Asia (especially the larger catch-up sets) tend to gather Pokémon of the same type to the same subset. Dual set following this trend have each pack marked with the types included in the representing subset.

Note that if a Pokémon has a different type assigned to its evolved form (i.e. Scyther), the entire evolution line will be included in the subset which holds the type of its final evolved form.


Does anyone have any tips on getting cards via Jihuanshe or Xianyu? I’ve been using Taobao for my cards mostly but they’re at a slight markup.

I am starting a group order for stuff from Mainland China this week. I have a middleman who is able to purchase stuff from Jihuanshe and Xianyu.

I’m sure you already are, but be extremely careful on Taobao. The amount of fake stuff on there is insane. Even for people living on the mainland a lot of us avoid buying electronics from there due to fakes. Also brands that have no presence in China have stores on Taobao that look official but are anything but.