Simplified Chinese-exclusive SWSH 'Pokémon GO' Cards

With Pokémon GO not existing in China and illustrations of certain cards in the JP set S10b Pokémon GO being co-licensed with Niantic, new illustrations emerge so they could be included in the upcoming catch-up Simplified Chinese sets. This is a gallery of ‘Pokémon GO’ cards releasing thus far:

CS5aC 勇魅群星

CS5aC 001/127 Charmander (illus. Naoki Saito)
CS5aC 002/127 Charmeleon (illus. Dsuke)
CS5aC 003/127 Charizard (illus. LINNE)

JP equivalent:

CS5aC 064/127 Alolan Rattata (illus. Mugi Hamada)
CS5aC 065/127 Alolan Raticate (illus. Scav)

JP equivalent:

CS5aC 092/127 Radiant Eevee (illus. Sanosuke Sakuma)
CS5aC 093/127 Snorlax (illus. Saboteri)

JP equivalent:

CS5bC 勇魅群星

CS5bC 001/128 Bulbasaur (illus. saino misaki)
CS5bC 002/128 Ivysaur (illus. Atsuya Uki)
CS5bC 003/128 Venusaur (illus. kawayoo)

JP equivalent:

CS5bC 004/128 Radiant Venusaur (illus. Kouki Saitou)

JP equivalent:

CS5bC 039/128 Slowpoke (illus. Nobuhiro Imagawa)
CS5bC 040/128 Slowbro (illus. Mousho)

JP equivalent:

CS5bC 112/128 Bibarel (illus. sowsow)

JP equivalent:





We got robbed on venusaur, alolan rattata and bibarel


We really did. The Chinese versions look way better. On the other hand, I prefer our Radiant Eevee more. This new one looks like what you’d see on fakes with “original art”


In addition to this, cards from cs5aC & cs5bC also have Reverse Holo variants
(This info might be useful for the ones that are Species Collectors)


Hello, great post! Being a ‘card art not released in Japan’-collector, I have been trying to get some more information about this set…

I was hoping there would not be too many ‘new art’ cards, but with the addition of reverse holos, it seems there could be a bunch… assuming that to be true, my CBA leads me to believe it would be a better option just to buy a box and try my luck than buy all the singles from the start.

Is anyone here able to recommend a good proxy (one you have experience with) that could get boxes to me relatively quickly?

Thank you in advance!

P.S. - @koala Thank you for the post! May I ask where you got those scans (?) from? I am try to get a comprehensive list of all of the new art cards.

P.P.S. - @dromanyte Those screenshots you posted are so clear! Are they from a website, or an app?

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They’re screenshots courtesy of @rabby250


Good stuff, thank you!

Hi @Poke-Katsu !!!
Thanks for the tag!!! These screenshots don’t come from a website. They come from WeChat.
Pokémon China has a Microprogram inside WeChat where they post Card Lists & News. You must have a WeChat account in order to have access to them.

I’ll start working on the images by the end of the month - start of July …
If you don’t want to install WeChat, I post content related to the microprogram in my Twitter account

Glad you’ve liked them!!!


Thank you for the information! That is a lot of help!

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