Charizard prints money will that always be the case?

Recently, Pokémon has been printing Charizard frequently in recent sets and sets to come. Could printing Charizard in many sets nullify or dilute the desire of getting a Charizard? Basically, if each modern set always tries to one up the previous, could that hurt collecting? Curious on thoughts

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It might, it might not. Only the future will tell.


Maybe, but to what extent we probably wont know. There definitely will always be a charizard tax though. Perhaps sets with charizards wont be more sought after if they continue to include him in nearly every set.

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I don’t think so. It has been—by far—the most popular Pokemon for over two decades. Of course, no one can say for sure, but it’s hard to see that changing.

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I’m not sure haha

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that modern is performing well. I particularly feel like it started to get a bit out of hand with Charizard braixen and reshizard.

Definitely. It’s like a rule that if they include the og 3 starters, there needs to be at least 1 more charizard than the other two.

I love Charizard and every Pokemon but I wish they wouldn’t do a Pokemon V, Full Art, Alternative art, and rainbow rare of the same Pokemon in the same set. I wish they would just do full arts or rainbow rares and skip the bulk V’s etc but it is what it is. This new Charizard Vmax is cool but way too common. I’ll be waiting for the rainbow rare version if and when that comes out. Also I’d love a charizard gold card like the Japanese ReshiZard in English

No because persons with no personality will keep buying them


No, because you’ll have kid’s moments like this:


I think Charizard will likely always carry some sort of extra premium because its the most coveted card at the birth of the game and arguably the most popular starter.

Just way too much history behind it.

If each modern set prints more charizards, then it will only increase the value of the vintage charizard cards.

I am only seeing more interest in Charizards. This isn’t surprising considering the most popular Pokémon of all has hundreds of different cards…Pikachu. Sure didn’t hurt that poke;)


I see what you mean. I really like the new darkness ablaze set, but I’m not sure it was a good decision to split v max Charizard and hyper rare vmax Charizard across two sets. It’s basically telling people, hey this set is inherently less good? Idk. Beautiful Charizard collection :blush:

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Wow! The child is almost as small as the cards XD

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I agree that the continual printing of Zards will not negatively impact people’s desire for Zards. Most everyone adores the Pokemon.

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Charizard sells. Fin.

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charizords are the indicator species of pokemon cards