Charizard GX Collection Box anyone?

So Charizard GX will be printed to oblivion in these collection boxes. Any thoughts on how this one will play out? My guess is that the one in the collection box is a full art and the regular version and the hyper rare variant will be released in Burning Shadows in August. People are definitely going to spend money on this box, i am pretty sure.

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If I was a betting man, the box will contain an alternate art print of the regular GX.

The main set will contain the GX, the FA and the HR/RR.


Agreed, but I see them going with the same pattern as the Lycanroc/Snorlax gx collection boxes with Promo card FA’s. They are surely racking up the promo list as of now, IMO i don’t see them releasing set cards like the XY boxes.

We haven’t seen a new Charizard collection (GX/EX collection box) release in a little while but we had a good string of them a while back. While I think play ability has a small factor, if they were to make a playable version, the value would be very very high. Something to go along with the current volcanion meta, it could be a win win for both sides of the market.

There have been loads of charizard cards released in the last year or so… Just saying.

edited, meant a charizard gx/ex collection extra product release, last one was the 20th anniversary i believe that we had a charizard center product released, correct me if I am wrong and am missing something, but I believe this product will have a big hype and very good sales compared to other collection boxes.


I like how this will include the whole evo line. I love when they announce new product. I find myself becoming more keen on the newer stuff.


Agree with this, they’re doing it with Espeon/Umbreon.


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They need to stop releasing so many charizard cards while I don’t have the money to buy them! Got some catching up to do over these past few months!