Charizard EX: Electric Boogaloo

“Hi I’m Steve Harris and we have a breaking news story, we are going to go live to out correspondent in the field, Tracy Cox!”

“Tracy, what can you tell us?”

“Well Steve I can report that the amount of Charizard EX cards printed in the X/Y era of Pokemon TCG has just climbed past any quantifiable number that the human race has ever thought of”

“But Tracy, I thought we already had multiple Charizard EX cards that come out in and around the Flashfire expansion set?”

“Yes we did Steve, but we have just been told that it wasn’t enough, the people wanted more”

“But the people didn’t want more Tracy!”

“It doesn’t matter Steve, it just doesn’t matter, we are getting another Charizard EX whether we like it or not”

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Just take all my money!


I think I’m all Charizarded out at the moment.

Perhaps EX stands for excessive (in terms of prints, quantity, release and profit).

Ughhhh, I hate it!

Best. Card. Ever.

Can’t wait.

Tracy just mentioned on twitter, “now we know what is causing global warming”.


Yay…more ugly artwork too!

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Just wondering, is there an exact date /or month that this is suppose to be released on? or is it just ‘fall’ as of right now?