Cataloging Japanese card collection with price tracking.

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I just bought 6000 Japanese cards and would love to catalog them. I’m amazed how every card comes up in google just based on the card number in lower right corner. Does any of you know if there is a web or mobile application where you can search for cards based on the card number and save the list with price tracking?

Of course the application would need to support Japanese sets, most apps I checked so far only have english.

There are cataloguing apps out there, but you cannot beat creating your own spreadsheet.

@0ean ,What app can you recommend that can do Japanese cards? :grin:

I collect mostly Japanese cards and just have my own made spreadsheets on google docs. It’s a PITA to set up initially but worth keeping in the long run.

For your situation in particular, why do you want to catalog 6000 bulk cards, the vast majority of which are just a couple cents?

Hey I’m not sure how much you know about Pokemon but the first thing I’d do is separate by set symbol as most websites categorize by set. There’s a lot of promo cards that look like they belong to a particular set due to sharing the same set symbol but that is something you’d have to more specific research on after everything is sorted. So for now just get everything into piles that appear to be sets. In each individual pile I’d sort by rarity or at the very least sort the holo cards from the non-holo.

Next I’d look up a site that sells bulk singles like tcgplayer or trollandtoad (or the Japanese equivalent) to get a good idea of what raw cards are going for that set.
Now onto the holo cards you have two options. You can either sell by the average raw prices you see on a bulk website like troll and toad or you can read PSA/BGS/CGC grading criteria and understand what a mint card, excellent card, and so on look like. If the card is mint then you’d likely make money by grading it. PSA keeps a auction history to get a good idea of what cards have been selling for. Take this link for example.
The only other resource I really use to judge graded card prices is to look at ebay sold listing or

As for spreadsheets and price linking the only way to do it efficiently is to be savvy with doing api calls and having a bot scrape card information from bulbapedia/tcgplayer to initially populate your spreadsheet. Bulbapedia has majority of the Japanese card information you’d need. However! The legwork has been done by a lot of people so finding a spreadsheet with updating prices might exist somewhere already.
Here’s a good start

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Thank you for the replies @nish, @assassin5757, some of the tips are really help full. I was already sorting the cards by rarity and that’s when I found out that a part of the collection is worth it to archive since they are rare/promo etc. Also my goal is collecting and not selling so the cataloging is just a part I want to learn also if I buy more cards in the future. Its not necessary meant to figure out what cards I should sell :blush:

I found this sheet to be the best database so far:

Now my question is does anybody know if there is a version of this sheet with price checking per card implemented true an API? If that’s not around yet does anybody know if there is an easy way to upload the filled in excel to another website to keep track of the prices?

@assassin5757, I checked the sheets on and they are beautiful but seem a little outdated and I did not see any with price info implemented as well. Amazing that this does not seem to be around yet with all the hype around collecting :grin:

well where exactly would you like the info to come from? ebay? it would be incredibly hard to track sales of all released Pokemon cards, especially because of different labeling, and the fact that tons and tons of commons/uncommons aren’t sold on a regular basis, if at all. it’s much easier to track the cards yourself that you’re specifically interested in

@connorc, I found the program that does what I want:
Keeps track of your list and Ebay prices etc. Tested it with some Japanese holo and result is seems good.
Now the problem is it will be $15-49USD per month in my case. That’s a bit steep for my hobby playing :stuck_out_tongue:
Anybody happens to know something simular as but then open source?