Card storage


I know this question is probably milked however I cant seem to find the thread I need.
I store most of my cards in ultra pro binders and then on my shelf.The rest are in 3 ring binders(com unc reverse non rares)
I was wondering if the strap on the ultra pro can damage the cards, along with sitting on a shelf straining the bottom cards in the binder? They are all full 360+ cards and just looking at the way the strap pinches part of the binders and sat on a shelf for prolonged periods…wont that cause damage? I saw someone uses a cassette case or something for each? also storing flat…would that not damage the cards in the binder aswell?

Just thought is ask since im going through my cards and bulk at the moment.

Any tips are welcome thanks :blush:

Would I be better to lay my ultra pro binders flat on my shelf rather than upright please? It looks like less strain on the binders if they are flat


Cheers :wink: thought so! Id better take apart and rebuild my bookcases heh!

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