Card Damage during Reholdering Process - Help!

Dear E4,

Reaching out to see if any members who use PSA had a similar situation and how it was managed.

I sent a PSA 10 card (a sports card - not a Pokemon card, but trying all channels/platforms to get some advice) to PSA to be reholdered and got it back this week. I noted that when PSA cracked the card for reholdering, there was a small piece of plastic that was stuck to the back of the card which their staff did not remove when they re-encased the card.

Now, there is the plastic piece stuck inside the new slab and not only that, it has caused damage to the card in the form of an indent on the back and in parallel protrusion on the other side of the card. Imagine ironing a shirt with a tiny pebble underneath, that’s basically what happened figuratively.

May I ask if any members also experienced this? If so, did PSA give any remedy or compensation? I am quite frustrated because the card is very expensive.

Thanks all [/img]

Best recourse would be to contact PSA directly rather than posting around. Go to the Horses mouth directly as they are the only ones who can remedy the situation. They have insurance and compensation schemes so if they did damage your card then I believe they would compensate. However best to call them direct and discuss the situation. Good Luck!


They fked you good on that Don huh… sorry man. I think they comp the market value on it to replace it iirc. Dude took an arrow to the knee

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Boycott PSA (unless your authenticating a Gary auto lol)

Seriously though, that’s what happens when your employment office staff makes 15.00hr and they hire people for 15.00hr. Pitiful.


This should be a vigorously trained 6 figure salary job for high service level submissions for sure

At least they could pay a liveable wage for that part of california. $15 doesn’t cut it there. Its a wage that attracts either first time entry workers or people with no ambition or care for the jobs. Not optimal for a workforce who will be handling collectables.

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Let’s take 100,000.00 a year which is the lowest of your “6 figure” statement. That’s about $50.00 an hour.
So @jaredschallenge, here’s a little business lesson for you. If you pay more than 15.00 an hour it doesn’t mean you have to jump right up to 50.00 per hour. You can actually pay an amount in between like, say 30.00? :wink:

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we all know they’re expecting 60 hour work weeks lol that puts it right at 30 bucks