Cracked PSA case?

Hi guys,

Recently picked up a Jolteon and it arrived damaged. Thankfully it doesn’t look like the card itself is damaged, but this is my first time having a broken a case like this in the mail. The seller only shipped it in a thin bubble mailer, so not much protection. I realize it’s only a $20 thing or so to get a re-holder done, it’s just a little annoying. Should I contact the seller or just live with it?

I would contact the seller and let them know. Whether you push for a refund is up to you and how happy you are with the card. I will say that since the crack goes over the card, PSA may push for it to be regraded in case it was damaged versus simply reholdering it.

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I would contact the seller to let him now and try to get a partial refund at least, dont know where you bought it but if it was through ebay yoy are well covered. If you are happy with the price you paid + the recasing cost, maybe keep it, but otherwise I would try to return it and get a refund…
PS I’m also team PSA 8, best quality/value for a personal collection :blush:

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That’s awful damage and it’s inconvenient to get reholdered just now. Ask for a partial refund or return it

People need to learn how to post things properly

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Thanks. Worst case scenario, it’ll be cracked for a binder set at some point. I’ll reach out to the seller and see if they can do anything at all.

@franmotard, looks good! I definitely agree PSA 8s are a solid value play. Its become my go-to collector grade if I can’t get the card in a 10.


I managed to get a refund from eBay and decided to keep the card for a binder copy. I’d rather not re-case it for it come back a PSA 6 or something if it does have any damage. I can’t see any damage, but maybe something once I crack it out.

Anyway, not the end of the world. Still got it for a nice price initially and effectively free in the end.


I had the same thing happen with a base set 2 charizard in a psa 9. I had it reholdered for 20 bucks and a 6 month wait. It came back a 9 still… I think if the card is unharmed then PSA is going to just do a quick reholder from experience. I doubt they do a complete regrade. Keep in mind that once you crack it, you lose that expected grade from the reholdering process, so there is a higher chance of being a lower grade next time, such as a 7 perhaps.