Card Being Pinched in PSA Case?

Hey all, I recently purchased this card and noticed that it seems to be trapped under the top border inside the PSA case. In the past I have only had to tap on the top of the case to get the card free, but nothing seems to work. I am worried that it’s pinching the card and causing damage to the top left corner.

I have had this happen with Pokemon cards before, so I figured it would be worth posting here in case someone else runs into the same problem. Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks!

I’ve had this happen a couple times while in transit. Both times I just knocked the card back into place and there wasn’t any damage. Both of mine were also in more than your card. Of course this is just my experience, and might not be a guarantee if you try to knock it free.


Gotcha! I’ll keep trying to get it loose, and I am glad to hear your cards were not damaged! That is all I really care about at the end of the day, so I hope mine has a similar fate. Did you do anything specific besides lightly tapping it? I have been tapping the top of the PSA case and it’s just not budging for whatever reason.