Can we get a Pokémon journeys update scarlet and violet?

Hey guys, so not sure how many of you guys watched Pokémon journeys I haven’t seen all of it but one of the cool thing I like about it was being able to see ash and goh visit all the different regions again in pokemon. I would love if the Pokémon company and Nintendo did an update that once you beat the story for Scarlet/violet you could have the opportunity to go back to old regions in the game. You would have to own those versions of the game. Meaning you would need to let’s go, sword/shield, brilliant diamond/shining pearl, and then would be cool if they added on the ninendto store like they did back on 3ds be able to virtually buy soul silver/heart gold, ruby/sapphire, black/white, and finally sun and moon. Still have the option for Pokémon home but also you would be able to use your character and Pokémon from scarlet and violet but then could go and capture all th e Pokémon from other regions. It would create more content, more money for Pokémon company, and would make people want to play more. It would even be cool if they did a massive update during downtime of the tcg. What do you guys think?