Buying fossil cards with ink stain/smudge

In my couple years of collecting I’ve randomly (and all from separate collections) come across four of these cards with a yellowish or orangeish smudge smear type deal in collections I’ve bought. And I bought one single card from a member here too. So I have 5 total. That being the case, I figured since I’ve already got 8% of the cards with this, I may as well attempt a whole set!!? I know if I’ve come across them this often there has got to be others floating around out there.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

I dont care where on the card it is or how much is present. I’d prefer ungraded but we can work something out if it is graded.

I’m not counting the haunter ink error cause that’s blue.

I know of the holo hitmonlee that’s got the wicked smear on it, I don’t want to buy that one right now (unless you’re dying to get rid of it at a super low price).

So I was thinking:

$3 USD for commons
$5 USD for uncommons
$7 USD for non holo rares
$whatever the holo is worth + a small premium for the holos. (The holos prices differ too drastically to have a set price here)

I’ll pay shipping of coarse too!

Thanks a ton!