Brain Freeze...can you help?

Can anybody tell me if there’s any significance to these cards in this placement?
I found this page recently in one of my error folders and just don’t recall why I put them there.
Now no laughing kiddies…you’ll get old someday too;)

They are all first edition? Maybe that’s why they’re there?

The Murkrow isn’t 1st Ed. I’m now one of those annoying people that shoots down the theories of others without offering anything of my own. Is that an offence that can get me banned from UPCCC?

I saw the discolouration around that spot for murkrow…
Guess my theory is out! :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry I don’t think you will get banned…

They are all Pokemon, case closed. :wink:

Not sure why Murkrow is there but in terms of set order it’s Seaking-Stantler-Unown B. Maybe Murkrow was accidentally placed on the wrong page?

I found the errors. I didn’t look closely enough at the backs before. All the poke balls are upside down lol. I knew there had to be a reason I put these in one of my error binders years ago;)


Any chance you can show us the back of the cards? Thanks!


Yeah, take a quick video or something. I’m interested now!

I packed my error binders away. When I get them back out ill upload a pic:)

So it’s clear now that Gary did not put these cards in error into his error folder as they are in fact error cards. :blush:

That’s right hihi.

I looked and looked and looked…scrutinized and compared. I just couldn’t find any errors or ink spots or smudges or cigar paper or anything lol. It was driving me crazy, not being able to figure out why they were in one of those error binders.

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Don’t worry Gary, I have a stack of error cards that has some cards in it that I stare at the fronts of for way to long before I realize the error is on the back haha

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Maybe you did it as a challenge to yourself when you were younger. You thought, “I’ll stick these cards into this binder in a random pattern, and then 15 years from now I’ll see if I remember that I was just trying to fool myself in my old age” :grin:

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Lol…I guess I should mark each sleeve with a sharpie stating the error. When I started though I didn’t know how many I’d end up with so I figured I’d remember.

Quite right. Sucks to get old;)

Tell me about it! :rofl: