Booster pack follies

Ok, so I am buying 2 Spanish 1st edition Pokemon packs to add to my International Collection. (you can read more about that here: The thing is, one of the packs is weighed, which I don’t have a problem with in this situation. The other thing is, the second pack is an error pack. This is because the 1st edition stamp is in English on this error pack instead of in Spanish. I am not sure if I should open it or not. A reason to open it would be in case the cards inside were also misprinted, but a reason not to is because it may not, which can ruin the value.

I wouldn’t risk opening the error pack. The cards are printed separately to the packs, so any error on the pack has no correlation to the chances of an error inside.

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I’m also a booster pack collector, I would be interested in seeing this booster pack. Do you have a picture of this pack you wouldn’t mind posting?

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Could you post a pic of the two packs? Make sure it’s the whole pack.


I have not received the packs yet. They will be at my house sometime this week or next week. However, I could link to the eBay listing of the error pack.


I have received the packs. I opened a corrected version and kept the error one sealed. The error one has differences from the corrected one, the most notable being the 1st Edition stamp being in English, the words in the “JUEGO DE CARTAS INTERCAMBIALES” (TRADING CARD GAME) and the “11 CARTAS DE JUEGO INTERCAMBIALES” (11 ADDITIONAL GAME CARDS) text are bolded more than the corrected, and the coloring is lighter in the error, while the corrected one has darker blue colors.

Sounds interesting but honestly haven’t seen enough of these packs to know whether they are legit and/or rare.

Open it! You can always just hit the rewind button if there are no error cards. I make a lot of poor choices so I know what I’m talking.about.

Is this a joke?

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I would not open the error pack. It is easier for me to believe that mis-stamped packs to go unnoticed than mis-stamped cards.