Booster pack art display

Hey everyone.
Just wondering if any of you out there collect booster pack art (empty booster packs) and if so how you display them in your binders or wherever? Currently just rocking plastic pockets.

Youl like my display method. Il post some pics when I get home from work

I eventually want to redo this, but currently I have some empty booster packs that feature Gyarados on the art by being taped to the surface of the binder.

I’ve seen a folding method that makes them card sized and put into sleeves that I want to try so I can showcase them with the cards.

Gotta love those ultra pro frames!!


How? How do you do that? D:

2 things:

  1. A shameless love for old school pokemon art

  2. No social life

You know you are now required to create a video template… Right? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m mostly concerned with how you got the edges so clear cut and straight. I’ve only been able to open a pack perfectly maybe like 6 out of 10 times, unless I cut the top out.

I actually acquired pretty much all my empty packs from a trade with acd12209 :blush: They did an excellent job opening!

Also that photo i posted is a bit flattering lol I kind of fudged up the cutting a bit so some parts are uneven

Doesn’t look it. I love the display. I want to do something similar with my Original 5.

I think the frames look best with the earlier pack art. The newer sets tend not to feature artwork that wraps around the entirety of the pack

Wow, very impressive!