empty pack art

Hey, so yesterday night I got a bit bored and had some spare 4 pocket pages so decided to put some o my empty booster packs in them (in sets where possible). Ive thrown out a ton and am now kicking myself as it was kind of fun not worrying too much about condition or price and just sorting things.

I don’t have a lot but am now thinking I mite actually collect empty packs on the side (although I don’t buy much sealed product anymore). I know a lot of people collect sealed packs but thought this could be a pretty cheap collection to get going if they’re empty (most people including myself just treat them as rubbish), how many of you out there collect empty packs?

They’re pretty cool, i wish i kept all the packs from my opened boosters, i did save the 36 packs from my fossil booster box i opened 6 years ago though! happy that i even thought to do that back then lol

That is an awesome idea! Do they fit pretty well in the pages?

Here is sealed packs

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Didn’t see the bit about 4 pocket pages! I was thinking they would be a bit squishy in the normal 9 pockets

I use one of those pages to start off each set in my binder. I am trying to collect a full set of sealed to have in their own binder, packs only, and then a whole set of opened packs to just serve as the dividers and front page of the individual sets.

I want to start getting into collecting sealed packs but I have so many other things I need to finish off first, one day I will have at least all wotc pack arts both in unlimited ans 1st ed :blush:

Tada! My empty pack collection; everything from Base to Neo Destiny… minus Base 2 and Legendary Collection I guess.


That looks great, I especially like the way you have the base set packs all laid out flat, I can’t quite see is everything in toploaders or card savers?

Got them all in oversized toploaders like that. And the base set booster wrappers are actually available unwrapped/uncut on eBay:

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I’ve got a huge tupperware container full of empty booster packs. I also use them to sort commons/uncommons nowadays. Probably 80-90& are from newer sets (BW6) and up. But, I still have some old gems like some WOTC and some Old School Ex Series packs and stuff. :blush:

I also have around 20 or 30 booster boxes (empty). A bunch of older ones. I keep Sealed packs stored in them.

I have a ton of empty packs lol

Ton of Neo 4 and PCG era ones :open_mouth:

I collect empty packs! Not for the value of course, but just for the nostalgia, collecting them empty is a great and cheap way to be able to marvel at the design and travel back in time.
They are small printed pieces of art just like the cards afterall :blush:

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They look great! I do have a couple of base ones but they are rough!!