WTB empty japanese boosters

looking for one of each from base up :blush:

May I ask what is the purpose ? Selling point ? looks more marketable ? collect empty wrappers ? want to make scans?

I want to cut em out nice and put them in a 4x6 screwdown. im just arty like that :wink:

I may also be interested in purchasing bulk sealed packs for a good unit price. just base,jungle and fossil tho

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Oh gosh, I love it!

Yeah, I always wanted to turn commons, and different packs and excess into artworks to help display cards or sets better.
Fantastic idea man.

Would be interesting to see how it turns out. :blush:

I’m a big fan of the ultra pro screwdown cases :blush: :blush:

and the artwork on the packs looks sweet. I’d also be interested in emtpy booster boxes (base-rocket) ~~ that one horn charizard on the base box… ~~

Yeah the Japanese packs have some nice artwork.

I’d be careful of the boxes… some of them are expensive… which I think is quite silly. I actually handed face to face a guy a 1st edition neo destiny box… just like, ah yeah, you can have this too.

I think some sold for nearly $50 empty now… wtf!

I have a box with like a thousand different empty boosters. Several boxes and stuff. So if you’re looking to do up your collection room wall :wink:

I think you are bidding on my Jungle and Fossil packs. If you win I can throw in some empty wrappers too. I definitely have base, e-series 1, and definitely some BW empty pack wrappers. I might have a few others too, just havent checked in awhile.

@ aj yea definitely hit me up with a list. Japanese?

@ shpunto9 that would be perfect, hope i win :blush:

I got these ones that I could send you… Check your PMs :wink:

Thanks for the replies and messages :blush:

Still looking for booster boxes: Base, fossil team rocket, and 10x deck boxes

The 10x deck boxes are highest priorty

Also interested in a sealed base set starter deck box of 10

speaking of fan art from pokemon tcg this is pretty interesting.



The guy has done other if you look under his submitted stuff.

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Awesome, now do it with a grand party :blush:

The gallade looks cool.

I just learned of these jumbo cards:

Just need the first one :wink:

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I just sent you a PM :blush: