Are empty booster packs just going to be bought by scammers?

I opened a 1st ed fossil and jungle box recently and still have the empty box for each plus most of the empty booster wrappers.

I can see that there is a market for these on ebay, though was wondering if it’s mainly scammers who are the buyers of this packaging. If so I’ll probably just hold onto the packaging for… who knows why, but it’s better than providing more raw material for scammers.

Lots of people buy empty packs to display with complete binder sets.


I wouldn’t worry about that too much when selling these wrappers. I reckon the amount of people who want to display them outweigh the amount of people with the intention (and means) to produce a convincing re-sealed product by a large margin.

Ty. makes sense

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You could cut out a little triangle or something on the back crimp to prevent resealing of packs. It doesn’t take away from the eye appeal since the front artwork should be on display.


I’ve always collected empty boxes and packs. For vintage boxes and packs, especially, the prices collectors such as myself are willing to pay will probably be much more than what scammers are willing to spend.

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I buy empty packs and boxes to relive the nostalgia and have the packaging, without the cost or risk. I have complete art sets of most. :slight_smile:

Me too Glenn lol.


I don’t see a problem with selling empty packs or boxes (boxes are probably easy to fake anyway since it’s just cardboard)… but if you want to be ethical, then leave some sort of mark (or cut the top of the pack open) which makes it identifiable as opened so no one can reseal it

Nope. I’d love to buy some nice empty wrappers at a good price :blush:

Thank you for posting this. I remember these.

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Although I do agree with mega’s sentiment, I personally destroy or do not sell wrappers or boxes. I’ve got an opened pristinely, but empty shadowless base box and all wrappers. If that got in to the wrong hands, someone is in for a bad time.