Booster pack display

So, I decided to pull the trigger on some old Japanese booster packs. I bought a Jungle pack already, and I plan on buying one from each set starting from base, all the way to e-series. Anyway, for you sealed collectors out there, how do you display your packs? Or if you don’t display them, how do you store them? I know PSA grades packs, but I do not care for how they fold the packs, and if for some reason if I feel like opening it, I want to be able to access it without having to break something open. Any suggestions welcome. I prefer to display them, but I would honestly like some sort of case that hangs, or stands up.


3 Likes has some booster pack display cases, also has them as well.


This is one of the best and cheapest ways to store multiple sealed booster packs :blush:

If you would like to stand them you can buy cheap transparent display stands for them too


@gollox,@eds,@pikachutcg, Thank you all for the great suggestions! I’m going to incorporate all of these into storage/display especially since I possibly will buy multiple of each for collection/investment opportunity. It took me a while to realize it, but Japanese packs are pretty under-rated. Time to buy while they are “cheap!”


Thats how I display them


Are those red and blue sealed? :open_mouth:

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Only in my dreams :sleeping:

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Stunning display! @effectspore

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@effectspore, Dudeeeeeeee that is so sick. Nice job

Does anyone have any special tips for storing long packs? I saw a youtube video awhile back of someone putting packs in large ultra pro top loaders. I have most my packs stored like this for years, but I am looking at them now and you can tell the pressure of the top loader has indented each corner of the pack around the corners of the cards