Sealed Booster Pack Storage

I am a vintage booster pack collector and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how they store their packs? I currently have my packs in 70x120 tarot sleeves and placed in a box that I handmade which makes a nice storage box for them but I feel I could store them better. I would love to hear some other ways you guys store your packs to give them security and safety.
Thanks a lot!


Here’s how I did it the other day when I went and reorganized my Jungle pack collection.

-Two semi-rigid card holders, one on each side of the pack (I used Ultra Pro but these are the same size as Card Saver 1’s.)
-One sleeve to hold everything together. I’m using the ones from Perfect Fit Innovations

The boxes that the semi-rigids come in hold roughly 32 of my Jungle packs. The cases are also the exact width of PSA card holders so anything that you use to store PSA cards will also fit these.


I just want to echo @zap2’s post, this is exactly how I store them as well!