How are you storing your booster packs?

Card Saver 1s? Oversized Toploaders? Tarot card sleeves? I want to start a sealed booster collection, but I don’t know the best solution for storing them.

There is no perfect way. It’s all makeshift. I use a card saver one and a fitted graded card sleeve. My packs have stayed fresh.

If I tried something else I might do 5x7 toploaders.

Someone else just asked this the other day. Here ya go:

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I use Tarot sleeves they are a perfect fit and then i store them side ways in a sealed plastic container from office works.
I have thought of getting those top-loader sleeve and making binders which ive seen done and is a really nice way of viewing them all but im worried you will end up damaging them as its the binder pages will move easily and stacking them could possibly hurt them in the long run maybe…?
look forward to hearing other peoples methods :blush:

I have plaques crafted from the same holy stones the prophet Moses chiseled our 10 revered, sacred laws in which he made covenant with our lord.

I use these to hold my Jungle unlimited packs.


Buy blisters. They are pre-stored for ya :grin:


Looks pretty slick. Are you putting the packs inside the rigid holders or just using it as a back for support?

Edit: I actually just read your post instead of looking at the photos. lol
So two rigid holders for support in a team bag.

I combine two 3x4 toploader. Still Havent found some that fit perfectly since they have to be 130pt for most boosters.

I keep some in PSA holders. Everyone here hates them, but at least they’ll keep the cards safe, are able to be displayed, and I’m not tempted to open them because they are welded shut.

I found a new solution recently that works really well for me though. Cut up a piece of cardboard to the same size as a PSA case. That piece of cardboard then goes into a BCW 1-RGCS Resealable Graded Card Sleeve. I put pack in there and seal the bag. Lastly, they go into a small cardboard box (the one PSA uses to return cards). Seems to work out really well so far. They look good and are protected.

Safest way is to laminate each one individually then put in a psa fitted sleeve.

Or toploader and sleeve as previously stated. You can stack them in an elite trainer box or similar.