What’s your method for displaying blister packs?

I’m needing a way to display my blister packs so I can look at em whenever I want and not have to constantly pull them out of their storage container and handle them. Please post some pics or ideas that you’ve seen or done!

I have two drawers that I keep them in. Like to have them laying flat, just so there’s no stress on the glue. But having an actual display for them would be great, I pretty sure I remember someone posting about a display they made on the forum a few months back

Display cabinet and Ultra Pro display stands work

Hung up on my wall with a thumb tac.


Although a method not preferred by some people, you can always get em PSA graded. I totally dig my Shadowless one.

Can’t grade a blister pack, I believe OP is looking for blister pack not booster pack options.

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I frame them. Cut out a center from a piece of foam core to size. This gives the blister something to sit in and makes it thick enough to frame once a matt board is over it.


Looks awesome!

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Ah, my mistake. Can’t say that I’ve seen a Psa graded blister pack. That must be one big ass plastic slab.

I don’t really display them, I keep them in tight fitting bubble mailers in hopes the plastic tops won’t fall off. I also keep them in my safe with silica packs to absorb moisture.

Tim has a awesome idea above ^^^

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Is there a certain way to keep them the most protected? I’ll be at school so want to know the best way to store them. My rooms already has AC and no moisture

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