Booster Box Pull Experiment

Hey all, I’ve seen several people post before about how certain areas of booster boxes can hold URs.
I’m not sure if this holds any truth, but I’ve started to put together a document to record booster boxes that I and others have opened - comparing them to see if there’s a pattern or if it’s truly random.
I believe it’s the latter, but I’m interested to hear your experience and see your table if you end up trying this.

Yellow is Holo/RH, Red is UR, and Black is SR (these are both Ancient Origins)

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There are patterns with boxes. Generally only within cases.

This was true for things like HGSS series and Dark Explorers. Especially for Dark Explorers, and that is why the box prices are so high for that set. Near certain that there is no way to determine for sure the contents of one pack based on its position in a box for newer sets. If so, people like @thecharizardauthorty and other high-volume openers and sellers would know.

That would make sense since the cases are ideally printed closely in succession. I guess it would be hard to map individual boxes that have been spread out since time of production.

So technically there would still be some sort of printing pattern (even if it was very spread out), just not as easily identifiable as those in the past.