Pokemon Sun and Moon Booster Boxes Mappable

Check out this video by DuncanKneeDeep:

He explains everything very well but basically there is a pattern to how the box is distributed that allows for you to only open packs with holos and ultra rares.

How will this affect the market for Pokemon Sun and Moon booster boxes? The last set to feature this was Dark Explorers and it immediately saw a massive jump in sealed box prices.

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This is bad.

Hopefully Pokemon rectifies this.

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Why did he remove the video?

There’s a video somewhere trying to do the mapping trick and it not working properly, while others show it working perfectly. So there’s at least 2 patterns it seems.

Can someone please ELI5 what mappable means?

Mappable means you are physically able to know the location of the chase card packs.

Basically, with S&M you open the booster box, take all packs from the right and open them in order. When you pull a holo/GX/FA you know that every three packs after that will be a holo/GX/FA.

Repeat with the left side.

So effectively you could open 1/3 of the booster box and obtain all the best cards from that box. No scales required.

This is a huge problem.

I saw rudy’s video on this and noticed the pattern on my third booster box. The first and second box i opened probably had the same pattern but i wasn’t paying attention. It kinda sucks but if pack sellers wanted to rip you off they could’ve always just weighed the packs anyway right? I would think packs bought from places like target or walmart would still be safe.

Pokemon company deleted it and probably now the guy is being tortured at HQ’s basement for criticizing their products publicly. :grin:

E: actually it’s re-uploaded now.


I didn’t open a booster box, but now that I think about it, this makes sense. I bought 9 boosters of Sun & Moon and the store I bought from probably takes their loose packs straight from a box. I got one holo, one GX and one Rainbow Rare. Good pull in every 3 packs… It’s not a definitive proof as I didn’t take them from a box myself, but the pattern is there.

Does it also affect the Japanese Moon and Sun sets? How will this affect investments? I’m new and this is the first time that I see this O.O

welp, I bought 9 boosters of sun and moon so far. not from a box, individually sealed ones. got 1 holo from all 9. boy do I feel garbage now

This is interesting. I wonder how many people will be selling sealed product to TnT with this in mind.

I very much doubt it. The Japanese boxes have different amounts of of packs/box and cards/pack compared to English.

Man, I had this sinking feeling that Sun/Moon booster boxes were getting a little bit TOO predictable based on everything i’d seen so far…and it seems like that hunch was correct (mentioned this in another thread).

This was a very good set to decide to only buy singles this time around…but I really feel for those who have and will be getting screwed buying loose packs from malicious sellers…this is unacceptable by TCPI. Unbelievable.

here’s another video:

Why in the hell would TPCI, who had apparently rectified box mapping since Dark Explorers, go back and change the boxes to being mappable?

With breakpoint they took a step in the positive direction in changing the code card weight for non holo packs to make them unweighable and now they do this? Wtf.

I’m sure they didn’t decide to allow the boxes to be mappable. Just overlooked some part of the packaging process that random-ifies the boosters. Granted in this day and age it surprising they could overlook such an obvious issue. But mistakes happen. I bet once TCPI catches wind of it they will adjust the packaging process to fix the issue (at least one would hope).

It baffles me how it’s such a simple algorithm too. Like, with Dark Explorers you had to at least find the point in which the pack art pattern changed, and then open a fair few packs before you could start to gain an idea of what was where for the rest of the case. It still took at least half a box to figure out. SuMo boxes have hits literally every 3 packs.

Tin foil hat Rudy (from alpha investments) is guessing that it could be a hype thing. That they did it so forums, youtube and social media all around will be abuzz about it and creating free advertising and more sales. Interesting theory and maybe it is the case.

Its either that or incompetence I guess.

Not saying it couldn’t be possible but I think there are better, more positive, and more sensational ways of getting free publicity. Just pull the old willy wonka golden ticket stunt and you’d have people going crazy.