Booster Box Cache

Ever wonder about the guy that has 500 Neo Destiny 1st Edition boxes stored away somewhere? Or 100 Legendary Collection boxes? You get the drift…

Surely there has to be some people out there with a huge cache of boxes, does this intrigue others as much as it does me? Anyone think there are caches like this?

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Interesting topic.
It is pretty certain there are substantial hoards out there. I don’t claim to have 500 Legendary boxes of course but if I passed away and my two Poke lockers were sold on “Storage Wars” it would be interesting to watch for sure…especially to UPCCCers.

A couple years ago The Saddle Ridge Hoard was discovered when someone found a can with gold coins inside worth an astounding 10 Million usd.

I’m also a T-206 collector (on a smallish scale) and there have been several super valuable hoards discovered featuring this series of cigarette baseball cards. They’re still finding them to this day…100 years later.

Amazing golden age comic hoards turn up often with values in the millions.

Well, the above hoards were tucked away from 70 to 120 years ago and unearthed only recently so…I don’t believe it would surprise any collector if someday one of you found a Pokemon hoard that they’d be talking about for decades;)

Hey that saddle ridge hoard reminds me of the book Rant by Chuck palahniuk fight club author. I never knew that part was a true story

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I wouldn’t say that’s a hoard so much as it’s just a pretty awesome collection

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Still one of the bigger booster box collections surfaced publicly. Surely it would be nice to see someone owning 100 boxes of same set, the thing is people in that position won’t keep too much noise about their stuff.


There would be old card shop stock sitting around either in a shop, or someones storage container somewhere with a case or 2 of older sets. No doubt about that. As @garyis2000 said cards that 4x or even 5x as old as most of us are still being found every now and then buried in somebodies attic in a shoebox. So there is no reason to think this won’t happen with Pokemon, WOTC especially.

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Which opens onto one of my ponderings…worth creating a modern day cache? As in, stock-piling current boxes?

I just don’t know if they’ll have that same value attributed to them in ten years as the base set do now.

But then, who knows.

Don’t think all BW/XY boxes gain more value dramatically but if you want to try it I’d personally start stocking Flashfire boxes. Dark Explorers / Plasma Storm are another ones doing very well atm.

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Flashfire, dragons exalted
Flashfire, dragons exalted
Flashfire, dragons exalted…

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Well, I’ll keep quiet about how many Japanese boxes I have stashed already. It is substantial.

A little off topic… but I don’t know why I really like those storage wars type of shows…

I actually seen one of the main guys from that show active on another forum I use (do you remember that “yup”! guy?). He is making his own cache with just sealed graded video games. That’s all he does now. Which isn’t far off sealed pokemon boxes I guess…

I know that those Pre war cards from like the early 1900s are getting dug up, and selling for crap loads to the right collectors. (as milhouse was sort of referring to)

it’s all quite amazing.


Just an opinion, amassing only japanese boxes might not be the best solution in long run. Mixing english products to stockpile is a must. Look how current market with wotc/ex-series goes: majority of high priced items are english, naturally there’s few highly wanted japanese items but in other hand buyer base is a lot smaller for those. :blush:

I could easily imagine BW/XY stuff reacting same way 15 years from this moment forward.

BW/XY Stuff will never have the same value 15 years on for sealed boxes and packs like the WOTC stuff now. Major difference between the first few sets ever printed in one of the biggest crazes in the modern era compared to the 5th/6th gen


I love that show. I’ve actually been inspired by one of the guys, I shout ‘Money!’ every time I bid on something on eBay like this guy:

SPOILER: Click to show

I agree with a lot of the posts here, especially regarding the new boxes - but that’s not saying I don’t think it’s worth a gamble and there has to be at least some rise in value so it’s relatively small risk IMO.

I wonder if someone has so many of one WOTC box that will one day become available and crash the price. Hopefully it’s a good one and I can open some up. :grin:


Honestly, a high grade early 1900’s baseball card is something I’d love to just have a one off of. That would be so cool.

About buying the newer boxes. I don’t think anyone thought the EX series would ever be worth anything but recently the boxes skyrocketed because of this. It might not be the worst idea to get cases of the newer stuf. Im sure as long as there are people collecting someone will wlvalue them more as the number decreases. Too bad I have zero self control

I have long been preaching that D&P-on boxes will never be worth anything higher than retail because of their high print runs. But look at Dark Explorers. $400 box!!!

I should have seen this coming though. Around Dark Explorers is when TPCi stopped fixing the pull rates in boxes and started expanding them to cases, and eventually to random. I don’t know if they are still doing this, but at the time I was actually the first person to confirm that there were no set pull rates (got info from a Pokemon employee). I should have seen this as a sign for what was to come - people buying more boxes than usual to try and secure those random pull rates. Now the well has dried up, and the price has gone up.

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Well, of course Dark Explorers is a massive exception because the packs can be mapped. But you’re definitely right on about the shift in how odds are calculated.

But I know that I’ve got a FlashFire box tucked away. That’s for sure. Haha.