Bluey's Sale Thread (Updated 2/10/12)

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  • Black & White MASTER Set + Extras

Treecko #007 PokeBall Stamped Nintendo Promo
This card is in near mint condition.

Front | Back

I am also open to trades. I’m really looking for the Mudkip and Torchic PokeBall stamped cards and the PokeTour Pikachu.

I will only accept PayPal (Gift option please!).

Feel free to shoot me any offers! =]


Mint go for $30

It is near mint.

Yes it’s near mint.

@linix: Would you be able to do $25 shipped? LMK or counter. =]

I have added Ghost Pikachu!

What is “ghost pikachu”

Look at the 1st Edition mark. It’s only slightly there, like it’s a ghost. Hense the name.

Yes, it’s an old error and I’m not sure how many exist. But it was a printing error back in the day. I pulled this out of a 1st Edition pack. All of the other cards were normal except this one. =]


Could you please consider accepting cash through mail for the sapphire? ._. I really want one, but I don’t have paypal. If you dont want to I understand, but I figured it was worth a shot.

Yeah I’ll give it a try. =] I haven’t done it before, but as long as it’s concealed really well it should be okay.

Lots of stuff listed on my eBay page!