Blastoise Error Card?

Hi all, recently came across this dark blastoise.

I looked at the border of the art and noticed speckles of extra ink.

Is this a known error?

Has anyone ever seen this type of error on any other card?

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Could just be additional black ink

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Looks like additional black ink, but I’m not familiar with this being a repeat error, at least not one that has been recognized before :slight_smile:

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Yeah it is additional ink. Its purpley/blue/black specks.

People get excited about an ink dot so what does a splash of ink, all around the card mean?

Looks like we have something really unique

In my opinion, it would not be worth a lot of money. Most “additional ink” errors on non-holo cards don’t add all that much unless the error was extreme.


I’m not sure it would garner that much interest from error collectors, it’s not that ‘striking’

Just means more ink. People collect that kind of stuff.

I was linked here asking a similar question as i have recently aquired one myself!