Bitten by the no-rarity bug

Alright, so I’m a hypocrite it seems. Remember when I said I might only go for a few of the “fun” no-rarity? I thought to myself if would be fun to eventually complete it as there aren’t that many.

Now, I only have a few (on my way), which is sad, lol. But hey gotta start form somewhere.

Rares/Holos: Poliwrath and Alakazam.


Rattata, Doduo, Onyx, Diglett, Tangela, Koffing, Weedle, Metapod, Bulbasaur.

The beauty of this set it that I am not demanding a Mint card, I’m conforming with used cards, Mints are but a bonus for me so there will be a good mix of used and Mint cards there, the only thing I don’t want is cards with excessive damage.

The newfound fun will be in hunting for the rares at good prices. However as for the commons and uncommons, aside from eBay and Y!J do you know of other places where I can buy these no-rarity cards?

I remember a site but have been hard pressed to find it. I’ll appreciate your help if you can point out to sites or sellers selling these. :blush: