collecting all 751 pokemon

with limited funds, how should i do this?

Dont. Like 1/3rd of them suck.


Buy the cheapest version of each Pokemon?
Also there are no Zygarde cards yet.

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There are 721 Pokemon O.o

As @milhouse said, no cards of Zygarde or Volcanion are out yet. Honestly, just go to Troll and Toad or any singles website and buy all the cards you need. It’ll take time, but it’ll be the most cost effective.

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Im currently at 519/721
I’ve thought about buying the rest one-by-one but thats after im done with my other goals.

There’s only 721 'mon

Im not going for 721, I’m getting complete collections of my 2 favorite 'mons and just collecting whatever is cool after that. Not too into collecting sets just have my eyes on Southern Islands.

my bad… .721 pokemon

i dont want to buy from TnT… looking for bulk prices like a penny each

If you’re not keen on singles sites then i think your going to have a hard time doing it without acquiring a lot of double ups in bulk lots…

Trying to convince yourself ay? Thats what I said. “Only Charizard”,“only the trio” “only 150 pokemon” hah yeah right 1000+ cards later im still trying to convince myself.

Lol, yeah I bet you’re right… I’ll probably end up with a ton of cards!

You won’t find cards that cheap. Even people who sell bulk on Ebay sell them for 5 cents to 10 cents each. I sell some of mine at a quarter each (and lose money), because I buy most of the packs at retail. The one positive of weighing packs. Also trollandtoad buys bulk commons/uncommons at 5.5 cents each.

5.5 cents??

Don’t know but I certainly wouldn’t want to hear the Pokerap with that amount

Once you get all the Pokemon in card form, than and only than shall your spirit be allowed to rest on the tranquil shores of Valhalla!

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Fix the title already…