roguezephyrs collection thread.

Hello there folks. I have joined the site today and I just want to say how nice it is to finally find a site like this (I have been searching for one for a few days now).

I have recently started collecting Pokemon cards again. I had started collecting cards when they first came out, but I stopped after a while.

My current (rather small) collection consists of:

Southern Island set - 18/18
Base Set - 2/102
Black and White - 80/114

My most recent addition is a Base Set Blastoise.

Glad you like the site! The southern island set is one of my favorites and was the first set that got me back into collecting.

Out of curiosity, did you purchase the blastoise last night from an eBay member named: smpratte

No I did not. I ordered it on the 1st of October and it wasn’t from you :blush:

I was originally going to start off with the base set and work my way through the Gen I sets, but I saw the whole set being sold and I thought I would go for it.

I’m really enjoying collecting again. Brings back my childhood when I would spend my allowance on booster packs :grin:

Ah ok, that would of been very coincidental! And you are not alone in your experience. Majority of what fuels collecting in any hobby is past good memories which in turn produce new experiences.

Starting with the early sets is the best way to go. Sets in general are a good place to start.

There are certainly plenty of them around ;D

Just bought some new additions:

Base set Charizard
Base set Chansey
Base set Clefable

All near mint, from Troll and Toad.


Another set of cards from Troll and Toad:

Base set Alakazam
Base set Hitmonchan (Shadowless)
Base set Mewtwo (Shadowless)

Nice additions! Are you going for a complete base set?

I certainly am :blush:

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to get shadowless cards picked out either, so that was an added bonus.

They certainly are. I am looking forward to collecting all the Generation I sets to start off with.

More new additions

Troll and Toad

Base Set Gyarados
Base Set Magneton
Base Set Nidoking


Base Set Ninetales
Vending Series #00 Pikachu

if you have a few older ards im looking for I can help you with your set. :blush:

Being new to the collection scene, I won’t have anything other than money to offer you I’m afraid.

The English Southern Islands set is one of my fondest Pokemon memories.

A few months ago, whilst cleaning my great grandmother’s home, I came across a Southern Islands postcard that I had sent her when I was younger. It said “I miss papa. I love you. Pray for me.” I had written it just after my great grandfather had died. It was difficult for me as I was young and it was the first family member that I had lost. I’ve since framed the postcard.

I can see why. :blush:

New additions:

Base set Gyarados - Near Mint
Base set Magneton - Near Mint
Base set Nidoking - Near Mint

Long list this time :blush:

*deep breath*

Base Set Abra - Near Mint
Base Set Dratini - Near Mint
Base Set Double Colorless Energy - Near Mint
Base Set Doduo - Near Mint
Base Set Diglett - Near Mint
Base Set Devolution Spray - Near Mint
Base Set Defender - Near Mint
Base Set Clefairy Doll - Near Mint
Base Set Charmeleon - Near Mint
Base Set Charmander - Near Mint
Base Set Caterpie - Near Mint
Base Set Bulbasaur - Near Mint
Base Set Bill - Near Mint
Base Set Beedrill - Near Mint
Base Set Arcanine - Near Mint


New Additions:

Base Set Ninetales - Near Mint

New Additions

Troll & Toad

Base Set Computer Search - Near Mint
Base Set Dewgong - Near Mint
Base Set Dragonaire - Near Mint
Base Set Drowzee - Near Mint
Base Set Dugtrio - Near Mint
Base Set Electabuzz - Near Mint
Base Set Electrode - Near Mint
Base Set Energy Removal - Near Mint
Base Set Energy Retrieval - Near Mint
Base Set Farfetch’d - Near Mint
Base Set Fighting Energy - Near Mint
Base Set Fire Energy - Near Mint
Base Set Full Heal - Near Mint
Base Set Gastly - Near Mint


Ancient Mew (US 2000 Movie Promo) - Near Mint

Nice! How close are you to completing you base set?