pokemick's no rarity collection

Fellow cardboard lovers,

I’ve been building a no rarity collection because c’mon - it’s the true OG base set. There are no hard and fast rules and the loose structure is as follows:

  • Short term: collect all holos in a condition I like, for a price I like, raw or graded - I don’t care.
  • Long term: minter.

Borrrring! get to the pictures!

And finally, this infamous, actual 1st Ed Machamp, which arrived yesterday:


Awesome cards! No Rarity takes a slow and steady work, good luck with your set!


Awesome stuff!!
Nice to see another no rarity collector on here!! :blush:

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Thanks! It’s very fun and patience is definitely needed.

Picked up Gyarados this week :sunglasses:


Your raw no-rarities are in great condition. Congrats!

When you get around to adding the Trainer cards, be sure to know the difference between the no-rarity cards and those with identical artwork that came in the Quick Starter Gift Set. It will save you a lot of grief. (I assembled my no-rarity sets in the late 1990s and wasn’t aware of the difference until years later, when I had to start chasing down the Trainers again, haha.)


Thank you! The Gyarados is the roughest of the bunch overall but I have been relatively lucky with listings so far.

The heads up on the Trainers is very much appreciated; there’s a helpful thread from @hayo and I can see how easy it would be to pick up the wrong thing…a good reminder of how little knowledge the grading companies can have. I would love to see some pictures of your collection if you haven’t a thread already, looks like you had the right idea collecting these from the off!

I didn’t know this! How does one tell the difference?


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@pokemick , love the Zapdos, great condition!

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Now these cards are ones I like very much.