Best sub $1k card

PSA 9 unlimited shining gyarados from neo rev, or a PSA 8 first edition if you’re into first ed instead. Either way for a little less than 1k you’re getting one of the most iconic and valuable cards from the wotc era and a staple for any vintage collection.


Pocket Monsters Bandai Starters 1997 PSA 8. Amazing artwork and one of Suigimoris finest imo. Oldschool artwork with all the OG starters. Very cool card in any collection and very unique.

Dark Espeon Neo Destiny English Unlimited PSA 10 sells for $990. Amazing card from an amazing set and still very affordable for any forever collection.

Dragonite V Alt Art from Evolving Skies English BGS 10. I wouldnt be surprised if its over 1k now though. They rarely pop up but in my opinion its the best artwork in one of the greatest sets. Pretty card to look at and to frame in a display case. I literally cant find a pic or even a last sold for the dragonite so hes a 9.5 instead.

A Complete Crown Zenith PSA 10 Set for all the English or Japanese “chase cards” Which includes the 4 gold legendary mural cards (Arceus, Giratina, Palkia, Diagla), the three legendary dogs (Entei, Suicune, Raikou), Leafeon and Glaceon, Mewtwo and Pikachu. It would cost around $1200 for English but great set, and if we talking about the value, its a steal at the moment. If youre looking for personal collection then Id go Japanese. If youre looking for investment Id go for English, its making major strides.


This was under $1k, stuff like this feels like a good option

And ofc pcl gang, this was under $200



And you still have the budget for 5,554 more!


its hard to pass up a couple thousand celebrations pikachus


the closest i’ve ever come to spending 1k on a card was a jp ray :goldstar:, so that would be my vote as far as getting close to 1k

but there are way too many other cards i like more than it at a lower price