Best eBay find of 2020 so far I think.

Just wanted to show a crazy steal I got off eBay last week. I’m scrolling " Pokémon" around 1am 1 night last week and notice 2 sealed theme decks pop up (misty) (Brock) and the seller has great feedback and is selling them for only $50-$60 each. Seeing as how these go for mostly over $100, I immediately scooped them up. So just shooting my shot I ask him what else does he have he hasn’t posted. He responds with this message. My jaw literally dropped. I didn’t believe it and asked for pictures. He sent one via message and says he’s getting rid of them for his Aunt who used to work at KB toys. Over 100 sealed theme decks. I offered him $30 each deck if I bought them all and he agreed to sell me 40 theme decks and sell the rest on eBay. Safe to say everything arrived today and I can’t believe the steal I got. I took mostly the Gym decks and others just to have complete collection. Not getting rid of any anytime soon Only pic I took today since just wanted an ig pic for my collection page (ganggengar). Any other steals this year for you guys so far ?


Im speechless with how awesome you lucked out and wish I could have caught that myself! haha awesome, awesome deal! Best Ive done this year was grab a lot of mint condition black star promos which came with 2 Pokemon Center #40 promos for $166. Other than that, I think you just won deal of the year haha. Congrats again!

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man I’m sad it’s gone. would love to pick up sabrina’s theme deck


I was able to buy a bunch of holo singles from the same seller. If they end up being mint then I did alright.