Beginning to catologue my collection

Well I’ve purchased a new scanner and thought I would share some of my collection. It will take a while to get everything uploaded but I’ll start with some of my most recent acquisitions.

First up is a complete E3 Wind From the Sea set - I’ll only upload the crystals for now.

Next up the E4 Split Earth set.

Then the E5 Mysterious Mountains set.

All cards are in mint condition and I’ll be getting them graded in the near future when funds permit.

Mint condition Sunset Mew - I do have the full McDonalds collection which I’ll upload later.

Natta Wake Pikachu

Sealed red cheek E3 Pikachu

Grand Party

Touch Generation Change

PSA 10 Charizards

PSA 9 Charizards

You have an awesome collection! I really really like the Sunset Mew, very jealous lol. The Crystal Lugia, Nidoking, Ho-Oh, and Celebi are all really cool too, and the Japanese Shining Charizard! Can’t wait to see more! That Natta Wake Pikachu is pretty cool too, I have always wanted a Birthday Pikachu

I love the 1ED Crystals. Those are some of my long-term grail wants. :wink:

Thanks guys, I only started adding to my original collection just over 18 months ago so its a bit eclectic. There is still loads more to come!

Here is the Neo 3 shinings.

Some Neo 4 shinings and randoms

Last of the PSA graded cards.

1st edition Web set - holos only shown

Uploaded with

Man, I love the artwork on that Gengar.

Keep the great pictures coming! :blush:

Scanner, really? Where’s the artistic touch? Where’s the flavor? You REALLY need to get a pin-hole DSLR, it takes pictures which in return are works of art, here’s my PSA 10 No1 Trainer Trophy:

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Nice picture - although I’m not really sure what I’m looking at! I have been toying with the idea of getting a decent camera but that takes money away from my card budget plus the scanner was really cheap!

Part of the reason I bought a camera was to take pictures of my collection and cards for sale. Honestly, though, I hardly ever use it. My iPhone has a better camera than the crazy expensive one that I bought. On top of that, a scanner works much better for everything other than artistic shots. :stuck_out_tongue:

That makes two of us. :rofl: