Bbobrob's collection thread--just a hop, skip, and a jump away!

I don’t collect slabs, but I also kind of like the feel and look of them. But he’ll come out soon :slightly_smiling_face: Finally got the energy to go on TCG Player to fill in the gaps for the English species cards, so once those come in, I’ll probably crack out good ol’ happy Hoppip and have a binder slotting party!


Updating my Expedition collection and the Hoppip/Skiploom/Jumpluff binder, as I’ve finally decided to just put in a big TCG Player order to pick up almost all the missing English cards (mostly reverses). Some of the cards in this update also came from the E4 Secret Santa event, which was really fun to participate in!

1st edition Neo Revelation/non-holo Expedition/reverse holo Secret Wonders

Thanks to @candle for the 1st edition Neo Rev Jumpluff! (from the E4 SS)

Reverse holo sets of HeartGold SoulSilver and Dragons Exalted

Reverse holos from Steam Siege and reverse holos/normal holo/league promo for Lost Thunder

Reverse holos from Evolving Skies

Variants from Paldea Evolved/Shiny Treasure/Paldean Fates


The reverse holo pattern for Shiny Treasure is a bit hard to see, but here it is:



And, of course, all the shinies!

I really like the color of the shiny versions. I’m glad they aren’t just a slightly different shade of their original colors :sweat_smile:


PSA 10 Jumpluff rookie card

This one was also received as part of the E4 SS!

In the future, when Jumpluff’s popularity takes off, I’m sure this will be the most valuable piece in the collection.

Texture shift shiny Jumpluff

I have a page set aside for holo variants (e.g. Neo Revelation and Secret Wonder holo bleeds, etc.) or errors that I pick up. This little guy will fit in over there.

Expedition reverse holos

Also includes additions from the E4 SS (Flaaffy and Graveler–and a replaced Goldeen earlier in the binder) :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m finally over the halfway point, but I have a lot of starter, starter mid-evolutions, and rares to pick up, so progress probably won’t be terribly fast, but it’ll move along. I do have a good chunk of the more expensive cards checked off (Charizards, Mewtwos, Mews, Blastoises, one Gengar, etc.), so that helps. I’ve definitely gotten a lot pickier with condition now—mostly picking up LP to NM cards these days, so that’s also slowed things down a bit.

They aren’t include in the other pictures, but I also finally cracked my slabs to slot my Natta Wake Hoppip and Expedition Charizard in their rightful places in the binder (Hoppip suffered a tiny nick, but still overall looks great) @Rattlesnake

For the English and Japanese species collection, I should just be missing few cards now: English code variants for EX Team Rocket Returns and the mirror holo for the Japanese Lost Thunder/Super Burst Impact Jumpluff (this card was supposed to come in an order, but I got mistakenly sent the normal holo).

Like last time, I’ll leave the non-TCG for its own update, as I think I’ve picked up quite a few things. Also because I have a current order at Buyee that still needs to ship to me with a lot of neat Hoppip/Skiploom/Jumpluff stuff :slightly_smiling_face:


Just a spectacular collection update. Enjoyed the post. Thanks for sharing.


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Awesome update and collection!

Can you chill on the expedition updates though?

People might start realizing how good of a set it is… :smiley:


Thanks! @mrbubbles @Mr.Garrison

Expedition probably gets overlooked because it doesn’t have any Crystals (which is also why I chose to complete it over Aquapolis and Skyridge, as I don’t think my budget could handle Crystals :sweat_smile:). But, like you say, it is amazing in its own right!

Gorgeous update with all the different hoppip line cards! My favourites are the hgss cards which i’ve also just purchased for my Sui artist binder page, love the art style combined with hgss era borders! Also nice that your line got both shiny cards and a nice reverse holo pattern in japanese, i have to say i’m a bit jealous for that :smile: also really really looking forward to the non-tcg update!


I didn’t like the HGSS line as much at first, but they’ve grown on me. Maybe it was because the style is so different. I always like the background/stylized water on the Jumpluff though :slightly_smiling_face:

And yes, Shiny Treasure sure did bless the Hoppip line! Really happy to have shiny versions of them printed. It’ll happen one day for the slimes!


I too had so much faith in shiny treasure ex, cursed sneasel line

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Seeing the Hoppip line just brings so much joy.


Yes, they sure are a smiley bunch of floating plants!

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Now that the art contest is over, I finally was able to carve out some time to update the collection thread. This time will focus on non-TCG additions! Non-TCG is always a blast to search for items for, and this time around, I was able to facilitate some trades with others, which was great. I’ll start with the items I received from trades or from other E4 members.

First up are items I received from @nidokingdom, some from a trade and some from a purchase. Happy to add several pretty hard-to-find Hoppip line stickers to the collection! The Skiploom on the top left is a pretty common Amada/Ensky set (2008), but the Hoppip and holo Jumpluff that follow (W20 and W71) are from World Hobby Fair sets 1 and 3 and are pretty difficult to find. Still missing the Skiploom from set 2, but it’ll hopefully get filled in someday. I think I have most of the Amada/Ensky stickers now (I know of a few that I’m missing aside from the World Hobby Fair Skiploom).

On the bottom left are Skiploom and Jumpluff stickers from the Top Seal Gum Johto set. I finished the line, but apparently there are at least two variants of every pokemon, so I’ll still be on the search for the variants. The little thing in middle right is from a shogakukan magazine (from what I remember nidokingdom saying), and the bottom right card is from a Top 3D set. The Top 3D set also has two variants so will still be on the lookout there too!

These cards came from a trade with @Julius19. They are game pieces from a Pokemon XY board game (not sure of the publisher, but I think it might be Tomy) and are called Get Cards on the back. It’s always nice to get the whole line at once, so I don’t have to search for individual pieces!

I don’t know if I’ll ever do all languages for the Hoppip line, but @quuador sent over some Korean Hoppip line cards he had (the four on the left). The one on the right was picked up in a local card shop during my recent to Hawaii. Quuador also sent over the little sticker in the bottom right that looks like it comes from a sticker book. It’s a very cute little mail-looking piece!

The last trade was from some random collector that I met and started chatting with on Mercari US. The two pieces on the left are karuta cards, and the card on the right is a Cardass Zukan card from Bandai. Just missing Hoppip from both of these sets now!

I just started trading this year, and my trading experience has overall been very positive. I’m sure all non-TCG species collectors can relate, but you generally end up with a decent amount (or a ton of) extra items that don’t quite fit into your collection, and it just feels good to both help someone else further their collection while also advancing your own.

Time to move along ahead with other non-TCG pickups!

Nissui holo and Amada/Ensky stickers

I’m glad Hoppip got the holo treatment in this Nissui set, as the sticker is very shiny and looks great! The other two are from the 2008 Amada/Ensky set mentioned previously and the Amada 2000 Retsuden Strongest Seal Hyper set. I don’t know what to call that holo pattern on the Jumpluff (I think I’ve seen it being called a laser holo?), but it looks pretty awesome. It’s somewhat similar to the pattern on the Radiant TCG cards.

Pokemon x 3Coins sticker

Not sure there’s much to say about this except that it was some sort of collaboration between Pokemon and 3Coins (not familiar with this company or brand), but the whole set of stickers is pretty dang cute. (I’m not sure if they’re supposed to be Dittos, but some of them have Ditto faces—I think it’s just a stylistic choice though).

Various stickers

The two bigger pieces on the left are from larger Pokemon sticker books (one for Diamond/Pearl and one for Pokemon Channel). I just recently found out these sticker books were a thing, and though the different-game-generation ones are pretty basic (Sugimori stock art in sticker form), for whatever reason, I really dig them. I think I’ve seen HeartGold/SoulSilver, Emerald, and Sword/Shield floating around, but not all of them will have the Hoppip line (HGSS should though).

The other three stickers on the right are from patapata Sealdass sticker “textbooks”/sets. I picked up incomplete sticker sheets and originally thought I would be okay with the missing stickers, but having a whole intact sticker sheet is a lot more satisfying/aesthetically pleasing, so I’ll be trying to replace these when I can. There are a good amount of other Sealdass sets featuring the Hoppip line, so will still be working on completing these.

Peruvian Taps and 3D construction

These items are made in Peru and are unofficial. These companies lost the Nintendo license some time back but have continued to produce Pokemon products. The items they make are generally pretty good quality and pretty cool, so I’ve chosen not to omit them from the collection. On the top are a Skiploom Taps and a card that comes with the Taps (I think). And on the bottom is a little punchout Hoppip from 3Reyes that you can build. As far as I know, the reconstruction item is actually based on an item that was produced in the past when Frito Lays actually had a license to produce Pokemon products. This one is basically the knockoff. The real product has a little tail for Hoppip on the back while this knockoff leaves him tailless. If I pick up the actual product one day, I think I’ll build this Hoppip.

Bandai Battle Museum

I think this should be the whole set for the Hoppip line. I dig the clear attack figure for Skiploom. The items I received also came with the little inserts that show which figures were available in the sets that these were included in. I thought they were pretty neat, so I also included them here (and in my binder). I really like that Ditto Dunsparce in that first set—not a pokemon you see Ditto copying a lot!

Patchin sheet

I’m still missing a good amount of these patchin pog things but was happy to find this unpunched board!

Top Battle VS, Bandai Cardass, and LeafGreen e reader

Very excited to finally get the last Top Battle VS card from the Johto set featuring Hoppip/Skiploom/Jumpluff! So far, I haven’t seen any appearances in the later Battle VS sets, but I’ll keep an eye out as I work on my article. Also happy to see a bunch of happy Hoppips with a big ol Oddish in the Cardass card and to get an e-reader featuring Jumpluff prominently (I recently found Jumpluff on another, but he’s just one of those tiny sprites).

Pokemon Center postcard

Luckily ran into this really cute Johto postcard. The bright colors really pop and it’s great that my other favorite lines—Wooper/Quagsire and Chinchou/Lanturn—also feature!

Burger King items

This Burger King set had a whole complete set of little Hoppip items. You have to put the little Hoppip cartridge (or any cartridge) into the back of the small Gameboy to activate the awesome “game” (see video below—the video is super short to keep the file within size for embedding). And there’s also this pink plastic thing for… no real purpose, but it’s pretty neat too.

Look at that little guy jiggle! (I hope the video embed worked)

Hoppip figures

Not sure what company the Hoppip keychain is from. The middle one is really cute and from the Big Eraser set from Re-Ment. And I’m not sure what the last figure is from either, but it’s a cute wind-up toy (see video below, again).

Miscellaneous items

The last are just a few miscellaneous items.

A puffy Skiploom keychain from Banpresto and a cute coin purse featuring pink-colored Pokemon.

And here’s a gold keychain counterpart to the silver one I already have (gold and silver—get it? eh? eh?).

And lastly, some random Bandai Kids cards I had. I noticed Skiploom is featured on the back of them, so I decided to pull them out of the extra-non-TCG-stuff pile. I won’t be chasing all Bandai Kids cards with Jumpluff on the back :sweat_smile: but I’ll take them if I happen to come across them.

I normally try to space out my Buyee orders to let random Hoppip/Skiploom/Jumpluff items “refill” on Mercari, but I found a few items I really liked recently, so I’ve already started another Buyee order. So the next update will, again, be non-TCG items, as I haven’t made that much progress on the Expedition set. Excited to share the items coming in when they arrive!


Amazing Haul :heart_eyes: !!

It’s cool to see a usually “unpopular” pokemon have so many items :grin:

(btw if you ever get an extra Ensky sticker #1157 of skiploom, let me know it’s one of the last ones I need :laughing:)


Wow, amazing update! Really love the variety of all of the non-tcg stuff. The toy pickups are super cute and look like fun! Thanks for sharing this lovely update.



Wow! Wonderful write up of all the special unique items. So many cute hoppip nontcg items.


@nidokingdom Thanks! It’s been a lot of fun finding items for the Hoppip line and also not being inundated finding a billion items that I’m missing (like for any Gen I pokemon :sweat_smile:). I’m assuming you’re being patient with that super large Ensky set, but there is a listing on Mercari for 350 yen with the #1157 Skiploom (+ a few others) if you’re feeling impatient. Let me know if you want me to send it over!

@mrbubbles @lyleberr Thanks! Non-TCG has been a blast, and I’m glad I decided to start collecting it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh yes I’d be happy to check that listing out, I’m trying to find as many as possible in a single bundle :laughing: But that will be more and more impossible as I get closer to the finish line.

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Yeah, I think with the few you have left, to knock out more than 2 in one bundle would already be amazing (unless you’re looking at giant bundles). Will send over the listing :slightly_smiling_face: