Base Set Charizard Prices July 2016

Back in July 2016 just before Pokemon Go was release I made a English Charizard base set values video. It is interesting to see where we have come since then, so I thought I would share it here!
The production quality isn’t fantastic but I never really claim to be a professional you tuber :grin: and forgive me for covering the certs I was still learning:


Great video. So basically the prices have gone up about 7-15X (esp for shadowless) in about 4 years. Incredible!

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Crazy how much things have changed.

I’ll share one too. This video I made in 2009 features the following cards:

  • a PSA 10 1st ed Base Charizard (the first one ever shown on YouTube!)
  • all the other 1st ed Base holos in PSA 9
  • all the 1st ed Base non-holos in pack fresh condition (that were later all graded as 10s/9s).

I paid a grand total $1,790 for all of those cards (which also included an extra PSA 9 1st ed Charizard not shown in the video).

Complete Pokemon 1st Edition Base Set Mint Collection w/ PSA 10 Charizard Card - YouTube


And you will do another video this year that will be funny in 2025