Base Set 1st Edition v.s Evolutions STAFF Comparisons

1st Edition PSA 10: 124
Shadowless PSA 10: 57
Regular Holo PSA 10: 460

STAFF Prerelease PSA 10: 38
Regular Prerelease PSA 10: 81
Regular Holo PSA 10: 479

With Evolutions being a modern rebirth of Base Set, I notice in the STAFF, Prerelease, and regular Holo following the iconic path of the 1st Ed., Shadowless, and Regular holo variants from the original Base Set.

Aside from the artwork being the same, each set has 3 levels of Zards that have their own distinct rarity. I was interested to hear what others’ thoughts were on the parallels between 1st Ed. v.s STAFF Zard from Evolutions.

Also interesting to note that both 1st edition and STAFF Prerelease stamps are no longer used.

As somebody that grew up with base set and absolutely loves it, i would never consider picking up a evolutions Charizard. It completely lacks the history and story. Prerelease staff Charizard is too niche, the card does not really fit into any collection. Meanwhile the base set cards can be used for all sorts of collections and have the bonus of being the 1st english set printed.

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