Aug 24 - Aug 30, 2014 - Gengar Spirit Link - 055/XY-P

Gengar Spirit Link**


IS Mega Gengar that useful though? It doesn’t look that amazing to me for the hype it already has. >_>

The BW Zoroark had a nearly identical attack to Mega Gengar but, in fact, his was better because it was splashable and only required one DCE to use. Even with Dimensional Valley, Mega Gengar’s attack costs PC. And BW Zoroark was good but never a top player in his time, I’m pretty sure.

All of this is only tangentially related to the Spirit Link but that’s because the card itself hinges on how popular Gengar EX and Mega Gengar EX will be.

Oh, speaking of the “Spirit Link” name, I probably would have just called this item “Gengarite.”