Art Academy Mew, Second rarest Karp in the world?

Would you consider this photobombing karp the 2nd rarest in the world? Curious on thoughts (first being SNAP Karp)


I don’t think a card that is featuring a pokemon on it, and not actually the card itself, can classified as the “second rarest card”.

I think a Karp collector would rather have a Unikarp after the Snap, than this lol


I agree it would need a card on its own to be entitled the 2nd rarest, imo that spot goes for the unikarp as well. But this one is still very interesting.

Fair warning… If you go down this road you’ll be miserable. As a Chansey collector if I considered cards like these “chansey cards” I’d have no hope of Success



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It doesn’t have to be miserable, think of it like this. You beat the game by acquiring all the Chansey cards, now it’s time for the post game, get every card that features a Chansey. It’s not necessary & you might fail but it’s fun to try it lol.

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Indeed you have a point there, I’m doing a binder with all gyara/karps from 1996 no rarity to legendary collection, all languages, both 1st and unlimited, and I did include the cards that feature them in the art. But I guess applying this to high end stuff is a death row.

True that. It’s one of the many reasons why I stuck to a Gyarados only collection versus a Magikarp one. :dizzy_face:

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Funny enough, I was doing a gyarados only collection till my friend gift me a 0.01 usd base set unlimited karp, like 3 months ago, and here I am with a unikarp… Intervention time! hahahaha

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Butterfly effect :joy:

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As a bulbasaur collector I’ve never really understood the whole if its in the artwork I need it. I just want the card name to mention bulbasaur.

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Second rarest Karp is snap Gyarados


I would be more miserable if usps lost my package like they lost my alakazam link xy-p psa.

Technically, cameo cards come under a seperate category for collectors, in my opinion. I try and collect cameo cards of Mew, and it can be quite the process for rarer ones (like Victory Orb Mew or Championship Stadium) so it really depends on your personal preference, and collecting taste :blush:

Also, there are 100 of that card, 20 snap karps and probably not many University trophy karps around either, so I’m not sure if it’d be classified as such.


Amen! Like chasing that Heavy Played or better BulbaSnap isn’t hard enough.

If you got a Unikarp, I think you’re obligated to continue. XD In the past, sellers/gifters/traders have given me free Magikarps as a part of a Gyarados package. I used to have enough to start a collection but instead gifted those to other Magikarp collectors to avoid the temptation. Some people only care about the main Pokemon card as a part of their collection, but if I was a Magikarp collector, I would wholeheartedly want that Mew in my collection. I think I got lucky when it comes to Cameo collections, Magikarp is one of the hardest ones next to Pikachu in my opinion.

One of the reasons why I do cameo collections is because I only collect Japanese and English, meaning I have less than 200 cards currently to collect. If I tried to get all languages, I don’t think I would do cameo cards. Adding cameo cards also helps add to the variety of an already niche collection and add some fun for the hunt. To this day, I still try to see if I spot a Gyarados tail or face in the horizon of a water scene in hopes of catching one. XD


1,000 unikarps I believe is the published figure.

As for whether this is the second rarest Magikarp, I’m not sure. If it’s true that the Lucky Award 2002 colouring contest awarded 50 unlimited boxes of the Pokémon-e Starter Deck in Japan (see this post), an unlimited e1 Magikarp could even be rarer than the Snap contest card: Each Pokémon-e Starter Deck came with 8 random cards out of the first 32 cards from Japan’s Expedition Base Set. One of those cards is Magikarp, 012/128. That means there’s was 25% chance of an unlimited Magikarp being pulled from each of those 50 unlimited boxes, meaning statistically only 12 or 13 of those exist.


Cant deny that logic hahaha

Anyone know anyone who has this or sold history at all?