AreEsTee's Wants (Updated 2/24/16)

Finally got around to updating my wants list. I am currently in the process of collecting all the English Full Art Trainers in near mint or better condition ungraded. I had a deal fall through with about half the cards I needed in it… so I’m gonna see what I can get here.

N - $18
Ghetsis - $6
Lysandre - $10-15
Korrina - $5
Teammates - $4
Professor Juniper - $15

Would greatly appreciate any help I can get although bigger lots would be preferred. Prices are negotiable as well based on sold eBay listings (which is where I got these prices from). PM me. :blush:

Bump, willing to pay 5 bucks for a single sleeve! Someone throw me a bone. :<

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I should have a Xerneas one. If I find one, I’ll just pass it along. I’ll let you know tomorrow if I do.

Awesome guys, thanks in advance for your help. :]

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I came up empty. I wouldn’t have thought I would have gotten rid of it, but I cannot seem to find it. I know that I have bought every ETB that has come out and I thought I had a stash of the sleeves and dice all together. I’ll keep my eyes out for it and check back here if I find it. Sorry for the false alarm.

That’s fine, thanks for checking anyway!

Bump, updated. :blush: