Are these good prices for these Crystal Cards?

Hi, are these good deals?

Crystal Nidoking Played for $10
Description: “It has scratches on the back of the card. with edge wear along the sides and the middle. Doesn’t seem to have any ceases or bends in it.”

Crystal Nidoking NM for $15 (and 2 for $30)

Crystal Kingdra NM for $23 (or 2 for $40)

Crystal Golem NM Reverse Holo for $16 (or 2 for $30)

Crystal Ho-Oh NM Reverse Holo for $19

Nidoking: $12-15

Kingdra: $15-20

Golem: $12-15

Ho-Oh: $15-20

I used eBay completed listings. And the prices are for near mint cards. Perfectly mint would probably be slightly higher.

Thank you so much! You just saved me a good amount of money :stuck_out_tongue: