Skyridge and Aquapolis Crytal Cards

Hello everyone! This is my first post here so do forgive me if this has been discussed elsewhere. I’ve stumbled upon a full set of Gem Mint - Near Mint ungraded Crystal Cards from Skyridge and Aquapolis and have checked Ebay for the prices of PSA 9s and Mint ungraded cards to estimate the value. However, I found that the value of the card differs quite a bit depending on which one I refer to. What value would you place on this complete set of Crystal Cards and do you see it growing in value in the future?

I can deffenitely see them increase more in value in the future. I would say most desirable sets after 1st ed base.
Valuewise some rough values based on ungraded nearmint+ to gem mint copies:
Charizard: 600-1,5k
Celebi: 250-600
Kabutops: 150-300
Ho-oh: 300-700
Golem: 100-250
Crobat: 200-450

Lugia: 250-600
Nidoking: 150-350
Kingdra: 125-250

These are all just rough estimates ranging from nearmint+ to mint+/gem possible copies so lot’s of variation in price there

Crystals are all over the place in graded, there’s some funky stuff going on so there is no solidified value.

Some funky stuff going on?