Crystal cards

Hey everyone!
I’m trying to finish my aquapolis set and I’ve been running into some inconsistencies in the crystal cards. I want to offer a fair price but eBay listing and other sites are showing a lot of variablility. PSA 7 and 8’s crystal nidokings sometimes go for cheaper than the upgraded version in near mint condition. PSA 9’s can go between 195and 400, and PSA 10’s are very pricy. Igot sniped today and was looking for other sellers but I’m going to try to purchase one on this site. What is a fair deal on a cardlike this?

Thank you for reading, leave me your thoughts!

If you plan on buying from here, it helps to be clear about exactly what you want and what you’re willing to pay.
Reading your post, I’m not sure if you’re looking for ungraded or graded (PSA 7? 8? 9? 10?) nor am I really sure exactly which crystals you need.

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Sorry I didn’t clarify, I’m looking to buy an ungraded version of crystal nidoking. I’ve been looking at cards on eBay and they were all selling at variating prices, I just wanted to know what a fair price would be for an ungraded nidoking in NM/M condition.

Thank you!

NM/M copies could be selling higher than PSA 7s & 8s because they would/could probably grade a 9 or 10 depending on the condition. In that scenario people would be willing to pay more, as they could grade the card themselves and sell the graded copy for a profit if it got the expected grade.

Based on eBay sales you’re probably looking at around $100.


Thank you for your insight. I was thinking around 100 was a fair price as well, glad to have another opinion.

If it looks NM (PSA8) in a raw card expect to pay $100-$120. If it looks like a PSA 9 expect to pay $150-$200 and well if you think it’s a 10 its probably a 9 :joy:

I got lucky and got one for $125 raw and it has a shot at a 10 we’ll see. Its slim but never know.

Haha ive noticed that finding one in good condition is becoming difficult and people have been bidding high amounts on cards that are not in the best condition. I’m watching a few on eBay now hoping to get one for around $100

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I picked up a crystal nidoking PSA8 last week for $112. I thought it was a fair price after looking at the recently sold on eBay. I would say for raw NM, anything below 120 would be fair because it has that chance of getting a 9 or 10 like crystal said.