Value of Shining and Crystal cards in sub-par condition?

I have some Shinings and Crystals that range from played to NM. Looking at eBay, even terribly played cards garner some attention, so it may be worthwhile for me to sell/trade these and am wondering about values. I’ve attached pictures. The Shining Magikarp and Crystal Kingdra are comfortably near mint, could probably grade PSA 8. Others range from considerably played to EX-NM. Brace yourself to cringe…

I actually don’t think they look that bad! Shining and Crystal cards will always hold a pretty decent value even if condition is not M/NM. There are a lot of binder collectors out there and these will be great for filling the gaps! Did u check sold listings on ebay for prices?

The white scanner background kinda disguises the damage, I recommend maximizing brightness and zooming in, or maybe I’m just a harsher critic than most

Thanks! Sold listings are hard to gauge because the conditions are all different

Yes indeed - sending these cards to PSA for grading could be an option but it may be weird (and maybe not economical) if you are not expecting an 8 or above for these, perhaps someone will be able to give u a better answer. Still a great set of cards!

I can’t quite judge condition on the white background, but you have some very nice cards. There’s big demand for this. Not everyone has $2k to drop on each Gem copy of these. :blush:

I think you’d be surprised how much the Lugia and Charizard can earn you. Ho Oh is reverse holo right?

Well I listed them at 99 cents so I guess we’ll find out :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah Ho-oh is reverse